We Can Fix It by World Champion of Public Speaking Manoj Vasudevan


I’m a our next contestant Manos was it
to them we can fix it we can fix it
Manoj was a Devan
I was 24 years old living in India I had
a nice job
nice car nice hair
still no girlfriend like Neha
every relationship started with great
expectations and ended in great
depression have you had problems in your
relationships how did you fix it Cantus
chair ladies and gentlemen when I was 24
I was still waiting for Cupid to shoot
the arrow and find me the perfect
partner guess what
it seems Cupid doesn’t live in India
so I went to the one woman I trust my
mama there she was sitting on the floor
doing yoga
mama I want a wife she said no problem
we can fix it ladies and gentlemen
did you hear what my mama said she said
we can that’s right
my mother was offering to find a bride
for me she immediately picked up the
phone started calling all her friends
looking for potential brides soon
arrangements were made for my meeting
with the first prospect there she was
Wow she looked like a movie star from
Bollywood she looked at me like I was
George Clooney didn’t they say I have
nice hair I imagined spending the rest
of my life holding her hand listening to
music and doing hot yoga cupid has shot
the AL and we fell in love
four weeks later on July the 4th we got
married on America’s Independence day I
lost my independence
only after our marriage I realized she
was not really smart she was also very
hot-tempered just like me we had
she liked outdoors I liked indoors
she loved swimming I feared
drowning she liked cooking I like to
tell her how I miss my mama’s cooking
we had problems of the problems I used
I used emotion I even showed her a role
model why can’t you just be perfect like
me within six months they grew apart
there was no holding of hands no music
no yoga
looking for solutions I read the top 20
books on relationships guess what they
don’t work then I asked my friend Jay he
just had his divorce Jay said man life
is short don’t suffer separate no Jay I
just want to fix it exactly my lawyer
will fix it I called my mama guess what
she said we can next day she spoke to
both of us here is what she said you
will never find a partner who’s 100%
perfect it doesn’t matter whether you
pick your partner or someone else fix
for you most people think that they fall
in love because of Cupid’s arrow but in
reality what keeps you in love is
Cupid’s bow and spring you see the bow
and the spring have a great partnership
the more the string pulls back the more
the bow bends ego is what pulls the
string still the mighty bow bends
because it cares for the partner if she
purrs you bent if you pull she bends if
both of you decide to pull less and then
more the partnership survives that’s the
only way you can fix any relationship
when I look back to my strained
relationships and lost friendships I
understood Mama’s wisdom the core
problem was why unwillingness to bend
more to adjust to attempt to accept to
pull less
since that day I changed my ways when
she wanted to go out I joined her when
she wanted to swim I joined her at the
shallow end when I became nice she
became nicer soon she started cooking
better than mama
last month my wife sindelle and I
celebrated our anniversary for the 17th
time with our two children yes that’s
the same wife my dear friends what do
you think are we now perfect partners no
do we still fight yes
the difference is that now even when we
fight we are still holding hands my dear
friends if you have any problem in any
relationship try to pull less and Bend
more if you do I’m sure we can count a
please welcome