The Valedictorian Speech that will change your life


Good evening class of 2010 before I
commenced my speech I would first like
to thank my family especially my aunt
and uncle who came down from California
and my grandparents who flew from
halfway around the world I also like to
thank my friends and my academic
adjudicators without any of you I would
not be where I am today thank you
because without your help I would not
have been given this chance to represent
the class with a lengthy speech
comprised of highly personal anecdotes a
chance I now plan to take full advantage
of now I realize that some of you do not
care if I’m what I’m about to say so
I invited Nathan Turner up here to
enhance this experience with some mood
setting music some mood setting music
they should accommodate your ears so
that as you get bored and so on in and
out of listening to my speech all you’ll
be able to hear is the soothing sound of
the guitar okay so to start I show you
the beginning of freshman year I believe
this Rubik’s Cube is represents our
freshman year very well because our
freshman year was a puzzle it wasn’t too
long ago when the puzzle of entering
high school course presented before you
and most of us were nervous anxious or
scared and questions like how am I going
to fit in filled our heads and we became
more concerned with what we wore and he
we hung out with and less concerned
about who has more pokemon cards I don’t
know about that one it was a puzzle
because just like the Rubik’s Cube you
can turn it around you just can’t turn
it around in any unplanned direction
otherwise it’s just gonna get more mixed
up so you have to start matching colors
you have to know what’s going on where
who’s dating who and by the time
freshman year is almost over
you almost you’ve solved part of your
Rubik’s Cube you still have a long way
to go now
sophomore year was kind of a blur hold
on one second
okay that works now sophomore year was
kind of a blur you not know what’s going
on in high school but you’re still in
underclassmen so you there’s not nothing
much going on time pass quickly and
everything was drowned out by the
freshman swine and the upperclassmen
Authority so when we piece all the parts
of sophomore year together creates a
rather hazy fragmented memory that kind
of feels like
then he just tried to trying all over
the place so I did what anyone else
would do it
and I was already late and my pants were
still not dry so I decided to get
and thus we coast through sophomore year
leaving ourselves to wonder what really
happened yet we managed to saw more of
the Rubik’s Cube and then junior year
there finally an upperclassman home you
are now entitled to a lot more power to
influence the school you are becoming
more of a leader than a follower but you
soon realize that you just get too much
harder from here more AP classes are
available the IB program begins coaches
rely on you more underclassmen begin to
look up to you
and you’re finally allowed to go to prom
it’s all fun until you begin to realize
what the responsible the responsibility
that’s been given to you you have to be
careful what you do because any wrong
move can send you back to square one
every move you make has to be just right
so that the last year in high school
will be simple now if you’ve set it up
right senior year wouldn’t be as
complicated as your previous three
because most of you don’t even have a
fourth period but there is one thing one
important thing that you need to get out
of the way before you leave and I think
I can best describe this through the
words of Blanche jabber so imagine that
you’re a single guy and you decide that
it’s time to start thinking about
getting married but you’re still young
you don’t want to rush into anything
so I spent years trying to find the
perfect girl every chance you get you
travel all over the country just to try
and meet new people some you like more
than others some are too nerdy while
others party too much but finally
after all your searching you think you
find the perfect one
oh she’s incredible she’s fun smart sexy
everything you wanted on a woman and you
decide to propose but you only get one
shot and you can’t screw it up so you
spend months agonizing on how you’re
gonna do it what you’re gonna say to her
you set a deadline for yourself so that
you can’t put it off forever and that’s
the deadline of boat approaches you
begin to get nervous are you good enough
oh it feels as though everything you’ve
been doing your life has been leading up
to this moment
finally the deadline is here yo your sir
nervous she’s way out of your league
mister ring big enough how many mistakes
have you made so far is it too late to
go back then it’s over you’ve submitted
your proposal and there’s nothing more
you can do she looks at you and she says
mmm let me get let me get back to you in
like four months that’s pretty much what
applying to college is like and you know
what she’ll probably say no but guess
what you didn’t tell her you proposed to
a bunch of backup chicks just in taste
they’re all begging to come marry you
instead well now that college is just
around the corner all you have to do is
just turn those few sides one second and
you finally saw your Excuse so now it’s
time to say goodbye to high school and
say hello to college
so now that we’re done with high school
it’s time to look ahead into the future
a few years from now we’re going to look
back at these high school years and talk
about our accomplishments and all the
ridiculous things we’ve had to do we’ll
all probably laugh about all the stuff
we’ve done and said while we were still
in high school and then just remember
you gotta just remember as we go on we
remember all the times we had together
and as our lives change from whatever we
will still be friends forever yeah
the only thing left to say now is
congratulations to the West Hall High
School class up to 2010 and to those who
helped us get here