The Speech that Made Obama President Motivational Speech


Barack Obama in 2004 was totally unknown
people were saying I don’t know who this
guy is wonder why they picked him he had
interpretation as a bit of an upstart as
sort of a young rising figure in the
party but no one knew who this guy was
this was his chance to introduce himself
to people
tonight is a particular honor for me
because let’s face it my presence on
this stage is pretty unlikely my father
was a foreign student born and raised in
a small village in Kenya what makes a
great political speech is if you can
somehow fold your story into this larger
American story the next thing he says is
better as mothers family his grandfather
fought in World War two use the GI Bill
a settlement in Kansas so white people
could say huh oh he’s just like us
my parents shared not only an improbable
love they shared an abiding faith in the
possibilities of this nation I stand
here knowing that my story is part of
the larger American story that I owe a
debt to all of those who came before me
and that in no other country on earth is
my story even possible
going into this speech we’ve had four
years of George Bush and we felt as a
country like we’ve grown further apart
Oh war was very much a divisive partisan
race Obama’s speeches and in some ways
an antidote to that alongside our famous
individualism there’s another ingredient
in the American saga a belief that we’re
all connected as one people if there is
a child on the south side of Chicago who
can’t read that matters to me even if
it’s not my child if there’s a senior
citizen somewhere we can’t pay for their
prescription drugs and having to choose
between medicine and the rent that makes
my life poor even if it’s not my
grandparent it is that fundamental
belief I am my brother’s keeper I am My
Sister’s Keeper that makes this country
work e pluribus unum out of many one he
gives a speech that priests ages his
entire political message of 2008 which
is the serve post-partisan argument now
even as we speak there are those who are
preparing to divide us the spin masters
the negative ad peddlers who embraced
the politics of anything-goes well I say
to them tonight there is not a liberal
America and a conservative America there
is the United States of America
Obama was born with two great gifts that
one is his mind and the other is his
ability to speak to large groups of
people there are three things that Obama
does that really makes that speech
effective he wants concrete the tale
he likes story and he loves antithesis
the use of repetition in structure to
show contrast there is not a liberal
America or a conservative America there
is one in there the pundits like to
slice and dice our country in the red
states and blue states but I’ve got news
for them too we worship an awesome God
in the blue states and we don’t like
federal agents poking around in our
libraries in the red states we coach
little lead in the blue states and yes
we’ve got some gay friends in the red
states we are one people all of us
pledging allegiance to the Stars and
Stripes all of us defending the United
States of America the way he used his
hands he actually points a lot does a
lot of this a lot of this a lot of that
in doing so he gives off this sense of
energy I am new I’m someone who is
dynamic and he doesn’t get so much
anymore he’s a little more solemn and
reserved when his speeches today I think
it’s more reflective of his office
in the end in the end that’s what this
election is about do we participate in a
politics of cynicism or do we
participate in a politics of hope it’s
the hope of slaves sitting around a fire
singing freedom songs the hope of
immigrants setting out for distant
shores the hope of a young naval
lieutenant bravely patrolling the mekong
delta the hope of a mill workers son who
dares to defy the odds the hope of a
skinny kid with a funny name who
believes that America has a place for
him to go hope in the face of difficulty
hope in the face of uncertainty the
audacity of hope’ his appearance at that
convention which was the best speech of
the convention better than John Kerry’s
was electrifying and without it he
wouldn’t be President
I think sincerity means a lot there are
people who when they speak that they
speak the truth as they see it and
they’re they’re very effective doing
that I believe this country will reclaim
its promise and out of this long
political darkness a brighter day will
come thank you very much everybody