Speech That Brought Audience To Tears | Monday Inspiration By Arnold Schwarzenegger


I hate Plan B and I tell you why because
we have so many doubters we have so many
of those people that say no and you
can’t do it that’s impossible
but when you start doubting yourself
that’s very dangerous
because now what you’re basically saying
is is that if my plan doesn’t work I
have a fallback plan I have a plan B if
that means that you start thinking about
Plan B and every thought that you put
into Plan B you’re taking away now that
thought and that energy from plan a and
it’s very important to understand that
we function better if there is no safety
net because Plan B becomes a safety net
it says that if I fail then I fall and I
get picked up and I have something else
there that was there will protect me and
that’s not good because people perform
better when there is no safety net
people perform better in sports and
everything else if you don’t have a plan
B I’m telling you I’ve never ever had a
plan B I say I made a full commitment
that I’m gonna go and be a party
building champion I made a full
commitment that I’m gonna be in America
I made a full commitment that I’m gonna
get in the show business and I’m going
to be a leading man no matter what it
takes I will do the work
I will do the work over and over and
and Dilla get it and assembles in
politics and everything like that so to
me it is very dangerous to have a plan B
because you’re cutting yourself off from
the chance of really succeeding in a
reason one of the main reasons why
people want to have a plan B is because
they are worried about failing
what is if I fail then I don’t have
anything else well let me tell you
something don’t be afraid of failing
because there’s nothing wrong with
failing you have to fail in order to
climb that ladder there’s no one that
doesn’t fail Mike Lee Jordan said in one
of his interviews when they said you are
unbelievably the greatest basketball
player of all times
I mean tell me about that missus well
you’re just mentioned the successes but
this is for me to become the greatest
basketball player
I missed 9,000 shots
when I was playing basketball in the NBA
games so during this games that he was
so successful he missed 9000 shots
this is making the failure
scoring support times but he failed
thousand times to get it they all failed
what is another case that when you fail
you stay down
whoever stays down is a loser and
winners who fail and get up failed and
get up fail and get up you always get up
that is a winner that is a winner
I failed in bodybuilding of I lost
bodybuilding competitions
I lost powerlifting competitions I lost
weightlifting competitions I had movies
that went in the toilet and that were
terrible and got the worst reviews hey
we all lose
we all have lost us this is okay and
this is why I say don’t be worried about
losing because when you’re afraid of
losing then you get frozen you get stiff
you’re not relaxed you’ve got to be in
order to perform well in anything if
it’s in boxing or if it is on your job
or with your thinking is only happening
when you relax so relax it’s okay to
fail let’s just go all out and give it
they think that you got that’s what it
is all about so don’t be afraid to fail you