Priyanka Chopra - "The Only Thing You Need To Wear Well Is Your Confidence"


I have to be very honest that when I was
17 and 18 when I became respectively
when I became miss India in miss world
it was the beginning of
me even entertaining the idea of show
business in my head because I wanted to
be an engineer I was a physics math
student I wanted to be an aeronautical
engineer I wanted to build planes I
wanted to be in NASA I come from an
extremely academic family no one in my
wildest dreams in my family had imagined
show business as a career my grandmother
in fact still asked me until about 10
years ago what do you do
she said I’m an actor yeah yeah but what
do you like what’s yours
yeah trust an Indian’s grandmother to ask
you that
but um so what changed with me when I
when when I became miss world which
happened in London actually
it gave me a sense of self I when I was
a teenager I had a lot of
self-esteem issues like most teenagers
do you know you don’t know what’s
happening with you you don’t know what
your body is going through you don’t
I was gawky my hair was all funny and
frizzy and I didn’t know what to do with
it I had so much of it
i yeah and like I hated braids and my
mum would make them and you know so i
had all of those issues even when I was
in America I went to high school in
America and um I was very confused with
who I was and what I was supposed to be
um I was bullied in school a little bit
not by everyone but I had a bully
and she just made my life miserable and
used to you know hate on me
basis where I came from I think that’s
probably all she knew to hurt me to call
me curry she used to call me brownie she
said go back to your country on the
elephant you came on and it got really
at 15 it got really hard for me i
decided you know I want to go back to
India and I went back home
and I feel like that’s when destiny
played its game
my mum randomly sent photos without
telling me to miss India
I didn’t know I just thought that they
called me because I was discovered
teenage egos
and then
it gave me a sense of confidence that I
could walk onto the stage
speak the way I speak and I’ve been
raised to be an opinionated girl my
parents always told me if you have an
opinion don’t be afraid to share it
and that’s all I did I didn’t know how
to walk on heels I tripped on my sari
backstage five times and then I was in
like these velvet pants with boots on
and then I tripped on it again I knew it
would happen to me on stage I still have
ptsd about it but but I’m just saying
like it it gave me a sense of
the fact that
my personality and the way I speak and
my confidence is what won me that crown
made me feel like confidence is your
best accessory there is nothing else you
need if you the only thing you need to
wear well is your confidence