None of My Friends Supported Me - Ratan Tata Award Winning Speech | Ratan Tata And Ford Story


Thank you Mr. chairman
and thank you members of the jury
I can’t say enough to
express my appreciation for
having this great honor bestowed on me
and I honestly will never forget this
evening thank you
all through uh my career
there was one company that
took most of my attention that was data
engineering which became Tata motors
I spent much of my spare time
to the annoyance of some of my
on that company because the automotive
to me was one of the most exciting
industries I’ve been involved in
involved design style
technology speed
it it was just a life of its own
so today to share this platform with
of the industry it’s something that
I’m just very humbled by
before I sit down I just thought I’d
share with you
the experience I had with jaguar land
when we bought it
we bought it and that’s too long a story
when ford decided to sell
my friends sort of distanced themselves
from me
by saying what are you going to do with
quite frankly I didn’t know
and that refrain changed from what
you’re going to do with this too
how stupid could you be to buy this
so eventually
my first meeting with the workers
at Coventry and jilt
was a horrible question what are you
going to do with this plan
are we going to close down some of the
plants that we have in
hardly using the capacity
and I just had no way to say that I knew
what we were going to do
so finally I
I stood up and said why don’t we do
this why don’t we shoulder to shoulder
recreate the image that these two brands
and reignite the
power of those two brands
I’m pleased to say that I did nothing
the team at jilt led by ralph who
who has been the leader that I think
deserves this award more than me
and the team at jilt
just made a huge difference in this
in this company and today if I’m here to
receive this award
I would like to say that I receive it
with humility
on behalf of ralph and the team at jilt
who are truly the deservers of this
award but
as the award has can’t be given to
20 000 people I accept this on you
on their behalf and thank you sir for
making this possible it’s a great great
honor for me thank you