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So 25 years old
Don’t worry any
Mistake is that income is a wonderful revenue for you
so I tell myself and
told my young people
Before 20 years old be a good student
Where do intrapreneur just to learn some experience before 30 years old?
Follow somebody
Go to a small company
Normally in a big company. It is good to learn processing you are a part of a big machine
But when you go to small company, you learn the passion you learn the dreams
you learn how to do a lot of things at one time
So before 30 years old it’s not which company you go-it’s which boss you follow.
It’s very important a good boss teach you differently and
Before from 30 to 40 years old you have to think very clearly
Were you working for yourself?
if you really want to be interpreted when you’re 40 to 50 years old you
Have to do all the things that you are good at don’t try to drop into the new area
It’s too late you may be successful, but the rate of dying is too big so 40 to 50
think about how can focus on things that you are good at
but when you are 50 to 60 years old work for the young people
Because young people can do better than you so rely on them invest on them making sure they’re good
So when you s over 60 or so spend time for yourself on?
the Beach sunshine
Right it’s too late way to change normally but I visit by by a device to the young people tWenty-five years old
Make enough mistakes. Don’t worry you fall
You stand up you fall your step enjoy it. I’m it’s only five years. Oh it. Enjoyed. The show in do it I?
Didn’t have a rich father tried three times for university all filled I
Apply for however for ten times all filled. They’d only want to see me
for the last time I went to the teachers college which was
Considered the third or four class of my fitting
To apply jobs of Thirty times I’ll reject it. It was so difficult at that time
I was so frustrated because I taught in the university my pain was ten dollars a month
Because I could not find a good job in 1990 foot
Discussed that I’m going to do something called internet and 23 of them
I guess that they said this is stupid idea we have never heard by the internet and you know nothing about computer
and I never thought I was smart nobody believed that I could be successful
Because everybody said well this guy thinks differently singer crazily you know they think about something never worked
I try to borrow
3,000 us daughter from the banks took me three months
But I still cannot get it we talked over 30 or 40 venture capitalists. Everybody said no forget it a
Lot of people said Alibaba is a terrible model
As I said I believe it. I think this thing could be big I never thought you will be that big like today
I believe that something, something is waiting for me there and I have to work hard to prove myself
That was the tough experience
so we gather
50,000 us dollars from 18 fighters we started
For the first three years we do not have even one dollar revenue from our business. What’s not easy?
Why it keeps the going ahead?
going forward because I
received lots of email of thanks from the customers
They say this is such a great thing we cannot obtain you
But this thing’s helped us if you keep on helping us one day you will be successful
And I believe this little by little we build up our business little by little we’re good about
Ecosystem of the Infrastructure and now after 16 years we have a alibaba group who have a team or group?
We have a tarball group where we pay and people said you are so smart, how could you make a company like that?
Bill Gates Warren Buffet the Jack Welch
Very page mark Zuckerberg the difference between those people and other people. They are always
Optimistic for the future they never complained they always tried to solve the problems of the others
When you’re up to Mr.. It’s always opportunity
People same here today, Jeff. Where is the opportunity I don’t have a job
I don’t have this I don’t have a debt
We are at them back to time of the century the best assets. You have is that you are young
Don’t complain let the other people complain
The opportunity Lie always lies where people complain think about how you can make things different
is there anything I can do that make the difference and
Then when you think about this study do it I saw a lot of people young people have a fantastic ideas every evening
But in the morning they go to the opposite again being entrepreneur you have to do the things before the other people
Do you have to wake up before the other people wake up you have to be more brave than the others?
Use your instinct everything you do is to the need of the customer
To everybody to any person tomorrow is new
Make the move make the action
Whether investors believe it is or not whether your friends believe it or not whether your parents believe it or not
That’s not important. You believe it your team believe it and work day and night on this that’s how the things happens
Make enough mistakes. You fall you stand up any mistake. Is that income is a wonderful revenue?
Don’t worry about the money money follow the people people should follow the dreams
If you have a dream just to go ahead
Think nobody can conquer the world we only can serve the world
Either work for the others or work for yourself, and I choose the way work might for myself
Working for myself that means working for the society if you really want to work with yourself
Think about the others because only when the other people are successful when the other people are happy you’ll be successful
You will be happy I
think today people worry a lot about the world about the economy China economy in the world and
I’m a very optimistic
When people start to worry that that is the opportunity is but I worry about the blood testing and she created
Good things and I think great innovations
Great Company’s always happening in the tough times
Lives like the music you have a pivot down you have a longer shot nodes
And I like the American movie life life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you’re going to get right?
So I’m pretty optimistic
The opportunity in the future for equality is huge because in the in in the last
Century the it is for big companies the globalization is for big companies
But now with the technology we can serve those 80% of the companies that never been served
We can serve the 80% of the young people that never serve
Technology for internet is so cheap so easy to use one of the reasons
why we grow in China e-Commerce so fast much faster than the us because our
Infrastructure of Commerce in China was too bad
Why it is too bad something happening goes today? We are working on the rural areas of China. I can never imagine that
China But 800
million people still live in the rural areas of Farmers and
They’re about close to 200 million people
they are incomes less than one dollar per day and
before the internet it’s
Impossible for these guys to reach the PC because it’s so difficult even people like me
I don’t know how to use in PC
But now 80 stand up the farmers those will be using mobile phones when have the mobile phones the internet
The Data things change it a lot, so I’m excited about the future
people always worry
That’s the you know
I love the young kids sitting there and talking about the dream their hopes because if they have the hope we have the hope
That’s what I believe
Let’s just take
What you do?
And I loved every description. I’ve ever heard you about how you serve people and
Your story about the Bamboo farmers and your wife and her friends. It’s tagless, but where’s this going?
What are you going to do? What are your plans?
To maximize the use that people in remote rural areas of China
Can make of their cell phones besides ordering your projects, how are you going to get it?
Are you going to get them in the banking system through cell phones?
how well
We we never know that we can’t grow so fast the path to five miles we covered
4500 Villages and
These people not only they a using very
Traditional way that it takes them like two of we went to the rural area it took them the farmers two hours to work
to the downtown in in the middle of the town and buy things but today
Because the mobile phone and we deliver we can deliver things to their home to their Village within 72 hours
I remember there’s a, well, last week. I read a very interesting if this is chant amazing
There is a girl she told me a story
She said her grandfather 92 years old birthday and for his life. He always wanted to try one
Western-Style food
But he lived in the rural areas. There’s no such restaurant food. So she said I tried on the internet booked a
restaurant dinner for Western food delivered to that village
And finally, immediately find one restaurant there are three guys
they took like a three-day bus from the from Shanghai to that Village made a
italian spaghetti and beef for them for the
92 Years old birthday
And whole Village was excited everybody says wow you can order food, West—
Western-style food so [you can] buy almost everything and also we are helping there a lot of
Farmers they plant love apples Great apples
But 90% of the apples route it because there’s nobody by allah they normally buy
by track you know if you sell the the apples this our whole track and
using a traditional way, they can they can sell by whole basket of the
apples, but now because of the internet the sell by one by one each apple to sell $1 o in a
190 or 200 for each so the farmers of the using internet they can buy and sell
Using a mobile phone that change their lives, and I think it’s exciting
And people need examples when they see well the other my neighbor’s maker
made money through online to selling things my neighbor made you know by much interesting things online people start to learn and
More people started by the mobile phones we cannot have we cannot make all the factory the mobile factories
To sell phones to them only they know the mobile phone really works helping change their lives is to divide Mobile phones
Just one more question and then do you think this will make?
the current problems like a current problem in China less likely that is if
We’ll have more market information in the market will drive where the investment goes
Instead of the government trying to make judgments about I better build another
housing development, or office development here there yonder
And you wind up with a bubble well it comes from the bottom up is it more likely that fewer bad things will happen
yeah, they know, I think the
Last week I was in Seattle discussing about the China ah nummy. I think the you american people worry too much about the China economy
well, you see
Every time where you start to worry about the china China goes better every time you think Chinese are in problem
You know we’re good. You know we’ll get better, but we never say however you have a high expectation er trying to always a problem
Like a parents of the expectation of the kids you know at the same
But there’s a big difference between the American consumption because people say wow you know the economy is bad
So China consumption will be good look no totally different. You American love to spend it tomorrow’s money and
The other people’s money maybe all maybe the Kudus money we chinese love to save money
We are probably the largest
Country under the safe deposit in the whole world that will people because we’ve been poor for so many years when we meet money
We’re put in the banks because Sunday
We know the disaster is coming so we can spend the money. So when the economy’s bad
We still have the money to spend you guys probably don’t you worried?
The second thing is the China being if marketing China being focusing on developing for path to 30 years
China government, so strong on
Investment so strong on exporting but they are too weak on the domestic consumption
domestic consumption is not driven by governments driven by entrepreneurship
Driven by the market not the government, so in the past two years past 20 years government is so strong
Now they get a week. It’s our opportunity
It’s our show time
To see the market economy
Entrepreneurship how we can develop the real?
consumption I think we’re if the China developed a great consumption we have a
300 million Middle class in next 15 to 20 years
We’re going to have been a middle class. We need to import a lot
So when we start to import?
That’s a great. It’s going to I worry a lot when we act when we export. We’ve got a terrible sky
We have a terrible water we have a terrible environment when we start import we got to be better
So that’s all the great opportunity guys be happy about that
I’m serious. We’re that serious. I’m them
We worry about yourself. Don’t worry the reason some of them to worry about China is we depend on you to buy our debt
However, I tried to be more chinese when I was president. I saved a lot of money, so
good, but I
just wanted you to say that because I
Really believe that I mean, I think you’re absolutely right the Trend toward greater
internal consumption is
I think will remain unbroken
In spite of whatever the difficulties are in the next few months
I think it’s important not to over react you can’t break the trend. You’ve got to clean up the land from Chemical contaminants
You’ve got to clean up the air you’re going to do it and a lot of Chinese will
Make a lot of money out of that there’ll be a lot of great new companies
and they’ll be opportunities to import from other places yes, so
Can you discuss your theory of?
What you’re doing and other things in terms of whether it advances?
equal opportunity and social solidarity tell them what you think is going to happen and
What other kinds of when your opening remarks you just said?
Technology is going to be active in this way in other areas of the economy. What do you think the next big opportunities are?
but first
Tell them just in two sentences what you’re doing because Jack and I know and we haven’t been clear enough
Explain it and Explain how you think that Advances social solidarity and equality of opportunity
our work is in the belief that access to health information is a basic human right and
that lab
information particularly because Lab data drives seventy percent
of clinical decisions
I’m needs to be accessible to people before they’re sick
So if you look at the word diagnosed in the dictionary today
It says to determine the presence of disease from symptoms which means by definition
We’re determining that people are sick
Once a disease has already progressed and our work is in being able to
Make lab testing accessible to people in time
for therapy to be effected and
To do that in a way in which every person
Irrespective of their insurance status irrespective of where they live
Can afford the ability to get a test done so that means in our case we’ve invested the last 12 years in
now developing hundreds of tests many of which are
Less than ten dollars so in two dollar tests in the United States
And I think one of the amazing things about this country is that we have such an incredible
Ecosystem for Fueling creativity and that creativity can create new markets so it answered your question about the market
Being able to conform itself to social good
I think the creativity that goes into creating these new technologies
Creates new markets in and of themselves and and our basic belief that is that those new markets come from?
empowering individuals and in franchising individuals and trusting that individuals have the capability to
engage with information and in accessing that information
beginning to take control of their own outcomes and their own health outcomes and in doing so
Changing the way our healthcare system works. I think
what this could mean
for Rural China, you know for Rural, India
for native American reservations in
America for the Mississippi Delta for the remote areas where all the jobs were lost from culture all of a sudden giving?
people information and
One of the most important things I think we did and my second term as president
And healthcare fund was developed as diabetes self-care program and all of a sudden
You could be Jack’s company could be delivering the means to self-care based on your test
I mean, I think that this is really this is a very big deal
We all want to live as long as well as we can and Gregg Benner was here
We were joking about whether we’d make it to a hundred
But in the Meanwhile do you want to keep people healthy and if they’re sick you want to intervene early not late? Yeah
And if you look at I mean the ability to engage with it’s information, we have a four trillion dollar
health care problem in this country
20% of it is type 2 diabetes which is reversible and we have 90 million Americans who do not know they are pre-diabetic
But access to information and the ability to engage
With that information is the foundation for being able to change those outcomes and and cost right?
One more factor than I want to call in Jack you founded this Company twelve years ago
Right tell them how old we were I was 19
Don’t worry about the future. We’re in good hands, okay? I always think of a 19-1 where I am
90 have not the past examination for University yet, I
Filled a free times, but I think it we’re done. I’m not a good of schooling
Well, yeah
That’s why I give confidence to a lot of young people in China if Jackie Markham’s success can be
Successful 80% of that people can be successful
People like her are jealous
Equality I I would like to make a little bit cut technology helping because yesterday
I was joining the united un women conference about Gender equality and I think the first a technology revolution
Happened 200 years ago in the uk release the human body their arms stronger
The second technology revolution in the USa for energy you can last long
but this technology of revolution relief release the brain
So this century is not a competition who is strong whose muscles are stronger this who is a smarter?
Who is up who can listen you? It’s the challenge of a wisdom so men women equal on the internet
You can never see he’s a woman a man and on the internet
Women can serve much better than men on the internet and a man talking about a business talking about you know numbers
competition to make business very cold
Women they make business very cozy lifestyle and interesting
50% more than 50% of our shop owners want to have five million shop owners of women and
People looked at me. This is
This is a great thing I see that this century. We see more and more
women leaders
on the state leaders the presidents and in the future we’re going to general scepter of your nation shall be a woman leader
and this is the greatest century for equality and I feel excited about that
when they ask you, I’m
We’re almost out of time, but I one of the things that we haven’t talked enough about here
And I just hear but generally
is whether the leap frogging we saw
with cell phones
Which was instrumental in your phenomenal business?
Success and which will make it possible for you
At the appropriate time to do what you’ve done on a global scale into
Unimaginable in all of Human history for anybody to have any of their own health data
We haven’t we seen examples, but not the kind of dramatic Penetration we need
With energy and clean energy and enough and it’s short enough time
To avoid the worst consequences of climate change, so do you believe?
that I
mean your country has done more than anybody else to try to put up solar panels and some of your
Companies when it broke because you overdid it, right?
Beforehand and you got to work out the phase-out of the coal the phasing in the sun and all that Meanwhile
Africa which is growing like crazy because of the cell phone in no small measure and
as six of the fastest growing countries in the world
Still has vast swathes of its land totally dark at night
Do you believe that it’s possible for us to?
Scale up with distributed
Solar power is rather than centralized as quick as we did with a cell phone and if so
And if that were your business if you had to quit what you’re doing today and start there?
How would you do it and how would you do it?
At first I know that
You know I’m such a huge
Believer in technology, and I think especially right now
We’re at an incredible time in terms of new technology and the ability to apply technology in a scalable way
Towards solving some of these problems
so I would look at it in the context of some of the renewable solutions that we already have and
in the context of empowering
Connecting individuals with access to those solutions in the context of creating markets around them
I think that there’s real
Opportunity to actually create an Ecosystem in which people can financially benefit from these solutions
And I think that’s going to drive an adoption. I think in developing economies
There’s a revenue stream associated with that and the more we can
Turn even already some of the technologies that we have
Into markets the more that we can fuel. I believe local growth and individual engagement in in beginning to adopt some of these solutions
Just related it would be jack you answer, and then I’ll ask you one final question yeah
I must don’t believe it. The technology can make war much better because people say China economy is getting slower
I’m happy about a 7% even 5%
Even 5% of the GDP of the number of China the second large Economy is big enough
but you don’t expect China keep on growing 11% because like a one body one human body when you’re
1.8 meters tall you cannot keep on like a 10 percent growth every year
you have to grow the quality your mind of wisdom so I think China needs new technology to solve these problems and
Today the Data the the clean technology all these things that China is supposed to do if you keep on the tradition
That the old ways will go nowhere
but this is why I
Feel excited because people ask me what is your dream now because I never thought I would be today I can
Sit here talking to president
I’m like a guy you know on the street and like fill the three times for university five times for high key schools
I applied for 10 times in Harvard school or rejected
I never thought because of the technology because the internet gives me this opportunity, so I think when I retire I
Don’t want the Chinese people have a terrible water to drink and a save for food and people the money
We make or spend in a hospital. That’s disaster
So how we can using the technology to enable young people the greater chance of this world?
Don’t worry about we got
1.4 billion people who are born in 1980s
They are the people of the internet times they are going to have new ways to solve the world problems
The things you are worried about today because of it and a human being have these kind of worries for centuries
And young people can always solve it and today
We have a right direction clean energy. You know the climate change all these issues
They will be solved and these are the great opportunities ahead of us
Anything else I?
Agree with that. I think the more the more we can the more we can enfranchise people the more we can create ecosystems in which
individuals are empowered than where we give rights to individuals to be able to build businesses to be able to
To pursue the economic benefit of technologies the more you see these markets change
before they leave the stage I
Want you to look at them?
And I want you to think about the time we have had to spend here
dealing with the refugee problems in Syria and Lebanon
stand up Ellis
This is my friend. Elias musab. He’s the education minister in Lebanon. He’s got to educate all these kids
So he left a miracle that very much reflects the lives that
Elizabeth and Jack have lived he was
At a very responsible position at the American University of Dubai. They
Started bringing American scholars over there to live in an an arabic culture
He did all these wonderful things lebanon gotten probably went home to save his country. What is the difference?
how much more could he and every smart lebanese person do if they could focus on these things and
Why can he not?
Because the place is dominated by people who think their differences are more important than their common humanity and their common challenges
You cannot imagine
Jack miles proud of being Chinese. I like that he’d never hit it
He’s happy about it out of product to be a global citizen – yeah
and I
Imagine Elizabeth proud to be a
blonde haired Blue-Eyed American Techno Wiz from Northern California
yes, but
They don’t
Not a word either one of them has said
Has defined the meaning of their lives or the direction of their work with negative?
reference to someone else
My friend Dikembe Mutombo stand up. No you don’t stand up. It hurts too much you’re an old man
My 7-foot too rich fall friend was just inducted into the national basketball association Hall of fame
my family my whole family was and I
Have seen how much he is given back to his native country congo which has been told troubles
I’ve known him a long time. We both went to Georgetown University I
Did before he was born I think?
I’ve never heard him say a resentful thing about anybody. I have seen him give and give and give
Try to give the people in his native land
Why am I telling you this? He’s had a good life because
He never defined his life with negative reference to anybody else
He never regretted anybody else’s success
And he thought he had an obligation to help other people. I’m telling you
This is the we are back in a time of collective global
Where the main struggle is the oldest one in human history?
just in Modern Techno realities
Meaning if you were trying to build the middle east you would think about our permanent sponsor here the ambassador from Oman?
Who tried to her government tried to help head off a calamitous war in the middle east over the nuclear issue in Iran?
We all pray to God that it will work out on and early to late
You look around all these places
people are
Putting aside their differences and working together good things are happening
we cannot achieve economic or social equality without living in the
factional realities of the world we face looking at the obstacles looking at the opportunities making the best decisions and
those of us who
Even feel good about ourselves because we think we spend a lot of time giving our whole goal
Should be to work ourselves out of a job
one of the things that
The Bill and tani Austin were sitting there with starkey. They started giving away hearing aids, and then they decided
What we better teach these young people how to speak if they get the gift of hearing?
They’ll have to learn that so they got into the education business
sunny varkey got in the education business incited
Somebody ought to do something really dramatic to remind people that the only people that really matter the teachers
so he gave the first global teacher of the year award last year and an
International panel gave the prize to a teacher from Maine who promptly gave the entire million dollars to her school
Woman never made any money in their life. She gave all the money away immediately
The future is going to be forged my people who think of how to use the modern tools
That we are given
Elizabeth and Jack have
to create opportunity through empowerment and
It will not be a straight line. It’s too too many moving parts
And but I just want you to think about that the reason you feel good looking at them
is that you identify with them even though they’re different from you, and
That’s basically where we are all over again, and we can’t slip back. We can’t give up
that’s why we had the prime minister of italy and George soros talking about the future of Europe and
George said it was coming apart and the prime minister said no
It doesn’t have to come apart if it’s about something more than economics. I thought it doesn’t have to come apart if you
Will it not to?
And you put yourself on the line for it. There are no guaranteed outcomes today
But you can guarantee that the trend is right?
So go ahead and we’re going to say something which I just wanted to add
I mean if we’re talking about the future and and from my own experience and looking at all the faces here
I think a huge part of the answer to your question is also to raise our little girls with the stereotype
they can be the best in engineering and science and math because when they do in all of these industries it changes everything and
We need to do that in this country, and we need to do that as parents in other countries
Yeah, I was thinking about if what you say I
think about when you want when you talk about
Problems you normally is like a politician. We talk about opportunity opportunity that the businesspeople. I was thinking about
how we can using you know this all the problems that change the problem to come the opportunity and
Don’t know. I just feel excited when people talk about problems I
Think that’s think about if you can solve one of them
That’s the chance and today
Nobody in live in this century has so many opportunities and so many
Tools they can use the change other people’s life
And I think in in the last century which I called it time this century is got a dt. Ten Data technology
It is to Empower yourself make yourself strong Dt
Is to empower the others when you empower the others you empower your future yourself?
when I listen to talk I
Agree, and I think that’s why we were born in this century. That’s why we
How we can use the internet to help more people?
It’s given my hand. Thank you