WAKE UP & WORK HARD AT IT - Motivational Speech For Success & Studying


As Theodore Vail noted, real difficulties can be overcome. It’s only the imaginary
ones that are unconquerable. The reason that I love that is because it is a powerful
reminder at the end of the day, you’re choosing what to believe. At the end of
the day, all those things in your head that seem like you could never get over
them, you’ve made them up. You’ve decided to obsessively focus on those things and
as Oprah said, what we dwell on is who we become and think about that for a second.
Think about today. Just audit your thoughts, what did you spend your time
thinking on? Did you obsessively think about the way that things could go right?
Or did you obsessively think about the things that could go wrong?
All the myriad ways that you need to protect yourself and that’s how it feels.
In the moment you think I’m just planning for the worst-case scenario, I’m
thinking through all the ways that something could go wrong so that I can
be prepared for it. Not understanding that what you’re doing is focusing on
all the ways that it could go wrong. They’re imagined futures. They are not real
and in that like a race car driver goes where the eyes go, you will go where
your thoughts go. You will become your thoughts so instead of boxing yourself
in and thinking only about all the different ways that something could be
bad, could break, could fall to pieces, think about all the things that you
could do if you take the action. All the myriad ways that things could come to
your aid and work out for the better. Obsessively think on that and let
failure be a total surprise in that you will take the actions that you need to
be successful but first you’ve got to train yourself to obsess over all the
ways your life could go right. From there, you’ll
act. You gotta put your whole self in, right? You got to cut off the cell phone, you
got it no TV. There were those of you who were watching the game last night you
really didn’t have no business watching these boys win a national title, going to
the NBA and making millions. You didn’t have no business watching them because you’re
not where you need to be, right? Some of y’all have no business watching the
basketball game because you’re not where you need to be. If you put your whole
self in and got a 1.5, I’m loving you. Two three years from now that 1.5 is
gonna turn into turn into a 2.5, you gonna be alright
I know from personal experience. So we got three weeks.
I need all televisions off, I need cell phones off, listen to me some of you
gonna be broke for the rest of your life because of that little thing on the side.
You’re gonna be broke for the rest of your life because of a little cell phone
and so you got three weeks. I need you to study like you’ve never
studied before. I need you up all night long studying. You hear me say this all the
time but some of you, this is it. You’ve
heard me say it before you play games when you come here because you got gear
on but you know where you from in Detroit. You know where you from in Flint,
you know where you’re from in Saginaw and you know your parents are broke.
You know some of you got about seven eight folks living in one house and it
ain’t no real room for you when you go back. This your opportunity to blow up
but we know the reality with some of us, where we live and our parents dont have no money
and they taking out loans working two or three jobs for you while
you up here playing. Listen to me I need you
to put your whole self in for the next three week cause you got it
and even if you say Eric look man you don’t understand if I put everything in I’m
still gonna get a 1.0. I’m telling you to do it anyway because you know I took one
English three times like a little basic one so listen to me I need you to give a
hundred and twenty percent these last few weeks all right. Don’t go home
wherever you’re from, don’t go home this is your home now. Alright listen and listen well because
no truer words are ever gonna be spoken. You can do anything you want without
limitation. Whatever it is that you decide you want to make come true in
your life, you can do that. It is gonna take an inhuman amount of work, you’re
you’re gonna have to be prepared to break yourself in half you are going to
to learn more than anyone has ever learned, you’re gonna have to push
yourself harder than anyone has ever asked you to push yourself before, you’re
gonna go way beyond your breaking point you’re gonna run until you vomit, you’re
gonna study until you fall asleep, you’re going to push and push and push and then
you’re gonna push some more and when you hit the limit you’re gonna push again
beyond that. You’re gonna force yourself to an adaptation response and ‘why?’
because as Malcolm X said the future belongs to those who prepare for it
today. So if you don’t put the work in today if you don’t do the unending
back breaking work of developing yourself into something greater the
world is gonna pass you by. The people that are going to own it are gonna be
the ones that did that work and the one promise that I can make you right now is
that somebody- somebody out there is out working, somebody right now is doing the
things that I’m saying somebody right now is doing the work of failing and
getting up and getting better and pushing themselves and triggering that
glorious adaptation response that makes humans the apex predator. Someone right
now they’re putting in that work and if you don’t the future is gonna
belong to them and as Martin Luther King jr. said if you can’t fly than run, if you
can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl but whatever you do you have
to keep moving forward. It’s not okay to make excuses, it’s not gonna slow people
down, it’s not okay to ask the world to stop so that you can step out front, it’s
not okay to expect little of yourself and demand great rewards. The only thing
that’s okay is to be in line with the way that the world really works and if
you want to be great you’ve got to become capable of greatness. You’ve got
to develop your skill set, you’ve got to take what you have now and if that’s
crawling then crawl but you drag yourself ever forward to a vision of
yourself that is so clear and so specific that nothing could knock you
off your path because you my friends know
exactly where you’re going, you’re willing to pay whatever price it takes
to get there and no matter what anybody says no matter how many hecklers come
for you, no matter how many people try to throw dirt on you, try to stop you, try to
knock you down, no matter how many people come for you at night while you
sleep, you will rise and you will keep pushing forward and you will get better
every day and no matter how many times people chop at you, knock you down, knock you off the
path you will get back on, you will crawl til you can walk, you will walk till you can
run and then you will run until you fly and that my friends is the only path
forward so if you want a future that makes you happy, if you want a world that
you’re excited about, get your ass out there and earn it.
Give me the book back, take the book hey bro that’s my chicken bro. Chicken?
Justin? Justin what is you doing man? What’s up yeah ah what is you doing bro? I’m just playin
I ain’t robbing iou-y’all thought it was for real y’all know me I be joking and stuff
What about the job man I ain’t got no job why you should have stayed at school bro man got you
education man can’t even mess with you man he right here robbing people man cool off
stupid like oh yeah just like that?
As Derek Jeter said, there may be people who have more talent than you but
there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do. At the end of the day
whether you believe in talent or not is completely irrelevant.
Everyone should believe in hard work, everything in your life is literally a
result of that. You’re born an infant. a lump of flesh that can’t even hold its
own head up and yet somehow by practicing, by learning, by growing you’re
able to get better. You’re literally incapable of anything when you’re born
every skill that you have in your life all the things that you take for granted
at one point you couldn’t do them so understanding that humans truly are an
adaptation machine and that they are capable of acquiring any skill that they
want but it requires hard work, it requires that you do the reps, it
requires that you put in the effort and at the end of the day the people that
you’re going to surpass are not going to be the people that have less talent than
you maybe they even have more talent than you it’s going to be the people
that you’re willing to outwork but until you’re willing to outwork them you’re
always going to be stuck and as John Irving said to do anything really well
you have to overextend yourself and that’s the key. If you want to put in an
extraordinary performance, if you want to absolutely dazzle people then you have
to do something amazing. You have to be willing to put yourself
out there, you have to be willing to do things that other people think are gonna
break you, that other people simply believe there’s no way that you could be
able to pull that off, that the human animal just is not capable of the lengths
to which you are professing to go and when you profess it you have to be
willing to back it up and you have to put yourself on that march knowing in no
uncertain terms, under no circumstances and for no reason whatsoever would you
ever be willing to back down and when you go in with that level of certainty
then and only then are you actually going to be able to pull this off and
as Billie Jean King said champions keep playing until they get it right
Fatigue will literally chip away at your will to win it is the thing inside of
your mind that weak voice that tells you that you’re not going to be able to make
it, the weak voice that begs you to stop and the weak voice that promises safety
and security if you would just quit and here’s the worst part about that- it’s
right. if you quit right now, if you stop just
sit down, relax, you’re not at risk anymore, you’re not a risk of
embarrassment, you’re not at risk of failure but you’re also not at risk of
greatness and if you really want to achieve
something you’ve gotta find ways to put yourself at risk of something great
happening you’ve got to put yourself at risk of overextending yourself. You’ve
got to be willing to face that you may die that you may actually fall and
here’s the thing for the people that dismiss that that say they would never
put themselves in that situation then you have limits and make no mistake
those limits are self placed and for the people that are willing to push that, for
people that are willing to go beyond that, for people who understand there are
things in this world that they’re prepared to die for and it is the thing
that they put at the center of their life, it is the thing that they are
living for but they’re not gonna stop and they understand that where the human
mind thinks it will break is far short of where it will actually break but
before you can find that point you’ve got to be willing to push yourself
you’ve got to be willing to go harder and farther than anybody thinks is
reasonable or sensible, that’s the path and so the question is can you be
thought a fool? The question is do you believe in something so much that you
would put yourself at risk like that? The question is can you face down everyone
including the weak voice inside of your own mind to make the world come true
that you want to see come true because at the end of the day nobody’s gonna do
it for you so if you’re a champion, keep going until it’s done.
What would amazing look like for you? What would amazing look like if you were
amazing? If you know what amazing looks like then why haven’t you gotten here
yet? I want you to say, the reason I’m not at amazing yet is because I hit the snooze
button, that’s why I’m not amazing right now. The reason why I’m not amazing right now
is because I couldn’t get up early enough cuz I told myself I’m not an
early person. I don’t get on Twitter every blue moon, I don’t get on my app
every blue moon, the reason why some of you will never be successful is because
you’re not immersed in it. When you wake up in the morning, look at your goals. Your
goals will tell you what time to get up. Are you hearing me? Your goals will tell
you who you should be hanging out with. I can’t tell you but your goals gonna
tell you. How much sleep do you need? You might not need to get up at 3 o’clock in
the morning for your goals but your
goals are going to define what time you get up, how you live your life, how you
move, when you say yes, when you say no. Think like the person you intend to
become. I want your dream to be so clear
so vivid, right that when you wake up in the morning all you got to do is step in
your dream. The difference between people who talk about it and people who do it is
one simple word- application. They hear it and they don’t just hear it, they digest it
and when they digest it boom they do something with it. If you are alive
I know you ain’t reach your best yet, right? You got more. You can do more. You
can see more, you can be more, I know that
all your energy, all your strength, all your skills, all your capabilities, like
you’re not operating on a thousand percent I know there’s still some things you
can do, some limits that you could push, some buttons you could push, some
opportunities that you haven’t explored and the second thing I know is this- I
know that you’re not experiencing life to its fullest. Like life itself is a
process of becoming, a part of man’s ongoing historical drive to manifest his
consciousness outside of his mind, in front of his eyes.
Greatness is when we overcome our own
boundaries, when we surprise ourselves. When mapped out, when we get the long
view, when we get the big picture, that’s greatness. Ask not what the world
needs, ask instead what makes you come alive because what the world needs is
more people who have come alive. What makes you come alive, what gives you the
goosebumps, what gives you the chills, what makes you well up? Somewhere deep
inside you know what kind of person you were designed to be. Ask yourself how
would the person I’d like to be, do the things I’m about to do? Greatness is upon
you and it’s time for you to bring that thing out. There is power in consistency
there’s power in doing something over
and over and over and over again. There’s power in practice. Don’t rush the
process. Yeah. Feel me. Some of you are trying to rush the 21-days. It take 21
years to be 21 years old. Don’t rush the process, trust the process.
It’s a matter of life and death. Yes it’s a job you don’t want but that job is
going to propel you and position you for the next job. It’s not just a class
it’s the rest of your life. Are you hearing me? It’s not just working out
it’s an extra year on your life. It’s not just eating right, it’s another seven
years on your life. It’s a matter of life and death and so your life is in your
hands, your dream is in your hand, your future is in your hand.
Discipline is a pathway to creativity
the most important variable in behavior change is forcing yourself to behave
differently than you feel.
One thing that discipline definitely does help you with is it helps you get
things done and when you get things done when you actually do things you have
more success if you have more success sometimes a big part of success is just
not being lazy and just doing it yeah just yeah that’s like ninety percent of
it is just showing up get there and start working like you’re not going to feel
perfect every day because there’s a lot of days I don’t want to do it and it’s
pretty much the same with everybody that that actually gets good at something
that you get there’s got to be those days you push through and they’re them
they’re probably going to be more numerous than the days you don’t and so
the benefit of discipline in my eyes has always been that through discipline I
get things done I always tell my I always say that I’m like the most lazy
disciplined person I know because I don’t want to do it but i always do.
Separates people from success and not being successful
I’ve never met a person who was not successful that didn’t have a great
amount of self discipline within their life. Self-discipline and being able to
perform and being able to keep your life on schedule and being able to keep
commitments and promises and meet deadlines is essential to success
you develop the discipline you know, the discipline and i talk about that all the
time you know the fact that discipline equals freedom and the more discipline
you have as a human the more freedom you are going to have which is completely
counter-intuitive you know people think oh you’re living this disciplined
lifestyle so that means you you don’t have any freedom and it’s actually the
exact opposite I have freedom because I have discipline I have I have you know
financial freedom because I have financial discipline I have more time I
have more time because I had the discipline to get up in the morning you know before
most normal people get up those are the kind of disciplines that you put into place and
those definitely get instilled through the military. Get a pad and paper and
write down one or two things that you’re going to commit to doing every single
day no matter what you’re going to be you’re going to use that motivation to
build a machine for yourself i’m going to write in my journal every single day
i’ll write a full page in my journal every single day. You become a machine
you don’t think about whether you’re going to write in your journal or not
you do it because you already made that commitment every single day no matter
what it does not matter if both of your hands were cut off and you have to use your friggin
mouth or the pen and write in your journal you write in your friggin
journal every single day you don’t think
about it when you have built a habit it’s ingrained in your nervous system in
such a way that the brain doesn’t even have to consider whether or not it will
get done, it just gets done because you committed. Commit once
commit once. You don’t need to commit more than once. You commit once to the
thing that you’re going to do and then you do it every single day that every
day method is the is one of the most powerful methods for reconstructing your
entire life picking something one thing I can’t emphasize this enough how
important it is for you to commit to small things on a daily basis because
that is what transforms you. It’s those tiny little actions it’s not the grand visions
it’s the tiny actions that move towards a worthy ideal. As Nelson Mandela said
education is the most powerful weapon you can use to
change the world. Wherever you are right now listening to this, I want you to burn
that into your mind. The most powerful weapon that you’re going to have at your
disposal isn’t a gun, it isn’t a sword, it isn’t a bomb, the most powerful weapon
you will ever have at your disposal if you really want to make change is
knowledge. It doesn’t mean going to school. It can be school, it can be books
it can be a mentor, it can be somebody else’s failure, it can be your own
failure but whatever it is to always be learning. To be learning something today
knowing that that’s an investment and as Robert Louis Stevenson said don’t judge
each day by the harvest you reap but rather by the seeds you plant and that’s
what knowledge is. That’s what the learning process is- is you’re learning
something today that you may not even understand how it’s going to be valuable but one day
that piece of knowledge is gonna come to your aid one day that thing that you
learned is going to be something that you’re gonna lean on one day, that thing
that you’ve worked your ass off to understand better than anybody else in
the world, it’s going to help you change the world but you have to be doing it
now, you have to be learning with an obsession, you have to understand that
ideas in equal ideas out and that you have to chase that knowledge down, that
it is a relentless pursuit and that like you would build an armada, like you would create a stock pile
of weapons, you must create a stockpile of knowledge. You must learn and learn and learn and you must
hold yourself accountable every day to planting those seeds, to getting better,
to learning more, to understanding things more broadly, when you do that
there will be nothing that won’t be unlocked to you and that’s what I want you guys to
understand. It doesn’t matter matter where you started your
circumstances, the money, the people that you know, none of it matters. What matters
is how much you are willing to learn, how good are you willing to get, how much
knowledge are you willing to soak in because that will become your weapon
that will be how you rise up and that would be the thing that will protect you
when you need it most.
So if you want to do something incredible tomorrow, learn today.
Being a student, I know how it feels. You get home from a long stressful day at
school and all you want to do is get in your warm pajamas, lay in your
comfortable bed and watch Netflix all day but instead you got three papers, two
tests, two projects and some worksheets staring right back at you. You’re tired,
overwhelmed and you feel unmotivated. You try to push yourself to just start and
do the work but that lazy voice in your head is telling you to take a break.
Telling you to do it later and it’s winning. When you’re in that situation
realize that you only have two choices. Either you do it or you don’t. Even with
all the complaining, the procrastination and frustration going on, those are the
only choices you have. So either you can be on your phone all day, go to parties
watch TV or you can do the actual work and accomplish your goals.
90% of it is just showing up, get there and start working like you’re not gonna feel
perfect every day.
There’s got to be those days you push through and there they’re probably gonna
be more numerous than the days you don’t and so the benefit of discipline in my
eyes has always been that through discipline, I get things done. Write down everything
you want to do. This is what I want you to do. Write down what you would like to
fix about your life and then just if you’re 30 pounds overweight, you want to
lose 30 pounds do it the right way. Go start eating vegetables, monitor your
calories, write down what you eat exercise every day, force yourself to do
it. The brain is the general, the troops are the body and you get up and you do it
and then you get to write it down. Our bodies for whatever reason, most people
their associations are to avoid anything that’s uncomfortable. It’s so illogical
because when you look at comfort and you look at success and progress and the
eventual, the feelings of accomplishment
and of getting past certain hurdles and in terms of like how you feel about life
a lot of those are connected to discomfort, like discomfort is your friend.
It really is. Discomfort and not being happy and
content with certain situations in life or certain feelings in life, one of the
big problems is sitting down and doing the work and he labels it like an enemy.
He calls it resistance you know and that you have to sit down and you have to
overcome resistance and that the pro goes to work and it doesn’t matter if you’re
sick, doesn’t matter if you have kids, it doesn’t matter what you- you’re a pro and
you go to work and that in, that puts it in your head that this is what I
do. That pride in that and then when you are in front of that keyboard and
you’re- you got- you look down at the count and you put a thousand words in. You-
yeah you- you’re doing the work and out of that work, gems blossom and it’s about
resistance that people feel when you know you should write or you know you
should paint or whatever you used to sculpt whatever these things are that you pursue
and that there’s this thing that comes up that tries to keep you from doing
that, this resistance
and he’s like this is a battle that you will fight for the rest of your life
but the key is to fight it. Not to give in, don’t give in to that resistance. To
fight just to fight that resistance and in doing so every day you do so, you have
won the battle for that day and you will continue to fight that battle. You’ve got
to sell yourself every day on your abilities, on what you’re doing, on the
goal that you want to reach, you’ve got to sell yourself every day, every day
every day. According to your level of belief it will manifest itself in what
you’re doing, whatever we have right now whatever we’re demonstrating in our lives
is result of what we believe subconsciously that we deserve and part
of increasing that belief level is that you have got to convince yourself every
day. See the last chapter to your life has not been written yet and it doesn’t
matter about what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter about the things that
you’ve done that you feel guilty about. If you wouldn’t do it today you’re
convicting an innocent person and I’m gonna be dead honest with myself because
I’m realizing this is not gonna last forever
and I’m gonna get myself in shape and I’m gonna eat healthy and I’m gonna do
this because this is- this is me now.
I decide that this is me
and people have to realize that you are not your past.
You are not all the times you messed up, you’re not all the times you were drunk.
That’s not you. You- you are the person who’s learned from a great deal
of experience. You can learn all the techniques in the world but if you don’t
believe in yourself
it won’t happen for you.