FOCUS ON YOURSELF NOT OTHERS - Best Motivational Speech 2021


Today, I need you to embrace what comes hard
to day I need you to accept the challenge
Today I need you to fall in love with the process
There will be plenty of opportunities to get discouraged,
to lose your passion
and think that it’s not meant to be.
But if you’re going to reach your destiny,
you have to have a made-up mind.
If you give up after the first time
or the fifth time or the 30th time,
what that really means is you didn’t want it bad enough.
There should be something you’re believing for
that you are relentless.
You are not moved by how impossible it looks,
you’re not discouraged by how long it’s taking,
you don’t give up because people told you no,
you’re attitude is,
“If I have to believe my whole life,
I am not going to stop believing,
I am not going to take no for an answer,
I’m not going to settle for mediocrity,
I’m going to keep pursuing
what put in my heart.”
and ask our self, “What do I really want?”
What do I really want?
And write it down.
Writing causes thinking,
thinking creates an image and you get these images
And you get this images growing,
your building a vision in your mind.
It’s the visionaries.
That’s changed the world.
Think of that.
But what keeps that competitive edge
What keeps you on top is the ability to think
and prepare mentally over and over and over again.
The body has limitations.
The mind does not.
We focus so much
on what goes on the neck down
that we forget it all starts from here.
Everything starts from there
If you’re not mentally ready,
you’re never really physically prepared.
And that’s where the preparation starts.
What would your life be like?
As you look toward the future, if you decided
I’m not going to allow my fears to stop me.
And I’m saying to you, whatever you got to do,
Do it. Because if your don’t
life is gonna whoop you until you surrender.
So when you’re young and you make mistakes,
don’t let me eat you up,
‘cause everybody that done made it done made ‘em.
You got to fail in order to win.
Hey, look, man.
To understand how to hit the game when it’s shot,
you got to miss the game when it’s shot.
You know, you got to be tough because
the road to success is always under construction.
It’s never a clear path to success.
The people who become successful are the people who have
a relentless attitude.
And you just got to hang in there through the bad breaks,
‘cause the bad breaks is comin’,
but they usually come right before the big break
is about to happen.
You get a series of bad breaks
and it stumbles up a lot of people.
My life and my success is to say to anyone,
“You can stumble, you can fall,
you can get back up again.”