FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS - Motivational Video on Never Giving Up


I failed at a lot of things. I failed at funny things, I failed a key primary school test
for two times and I filled like a three times for the middle school, you know, for
three years I tried and failed to get into universities so I applied jobs for
thirty times, got rejected. I went for a police they say no you’re
not good I went to you know even the KFC when KFC come to China, come to my state,
24 people went for the job, 23 people accepted, I was the only one.
We went for police, five people, four of them accepted I was the
only guy that did not receive it so to me being turned down, rejected, oh by the
way I told you that I applied for Harvard, for ten times rejected, I know
you rejected. They’re sorry now. One of the things you gotta understand my friend
is that you’re supposed to fail you’re supposed to fail because failure is the
stepping stone to success you need the logical reason why because failure is an
experience that lends to wisdom that ultimately makes you a stronger version
of yourself. Maybe you got a test anxiety I don’t know but the worst thing you can
do is quit. Talk to your professor. I’m not a hundred percent sure but I know
that you cannot quit just because you failed doesn’t make you a failure.
Another one of these cliches or cliche stories is about Thomas Edison right when
a reporter asked him you know what is it, how did you
feel about failing a thousand times and he said no I didn’t fail a thousand
times I just found a thousand different ways that it wasn’t going to work and that’s
what, that’s what’s happening with you but every time he found a way that
didn’t work he was adding to his journey he was growing stronger, he learned
something, discovered something, you’re discovering something by yourself and
you’re exercising your character every time you get up and try something. Move in
the direction of something, even if you don’t get the thing, it’s not about the
thing, not about making the basketball team, it’s not about making a million dollars
and it’s not about the light bulb, it’s about what you learn along the way, who
you become along the way and you’re on the journey, guess what the journey is
hard, the journey is riddled with failure and that’s why most people don’t do it
most people aren’t willing to get on that journey because they’re afraid to fail
you my friend have failed congratulations it’s the greatest thing that
ever happened to you because it shows that you’re alive, it shows that you did
something and it shows that you’re growing stronger. Now go and fail again
go out and I hope, I hope you guys that watch these videos I hope you gonna fail a thousand
times keep going out there and failing you know what that means every time you
fail it means to me, it tells me that you’re doing something. See a lot of
people because they don’t want to make any mistakes it takes us to the next
level. A lot of people don’t want to fail fear failure, fear of success and guess what
else fear of the unknown. You know Winston Churchill
said about courage that, is that courage is the ability to go from
failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. So you want to courageously hold onto your
dream and not lose enthusiasm. A guy in Los Angeles all over the front page of
the newspaper, he just passed the bar after taking it 48 times. He had more than
enough reasons and excuses not to take it. His son has a law firm, he could
have been a legal assistant, a clerk and people all of a sudden, used to laugh
at this guy, he was a laughingstock, people will do that to you, you know people
talk about John Kennedy Jr. failing the bar, did you read in the newspaper that he
passed, I didn’t see that but did they make as big as a deal about him passing as
they did when he failed, no, you know why people like to see you fail. They like to see
that, it’s, people are like that. I don’t know why it’s set up like that. I was on the
expressway, traffic was jammed up, you know what was happening, it was an
accident but people pulled over to the side to get out of their car to go and look.
To see somebody else’s suffering. That’s why talk shows are so popular. Some people
like to hear other people’s misery, they get all caught up in that, and then they go magnify it in
their own life because that’s all they focus on. Who decided it doesn’t matter how many
times I fail, I’m going to courageously pursue it, I don’t care what people say, I
don’t care what they think, this is something that I want that gives my life
meaning and value. If you constantly remind yourself after every defeat, after
every setback, every time you get knocked down, I’ve got a saying, if life knocks
you down try and land on your back because if you can look up, you can get
up. See a lot of people because of failure they stop, they stop believing
let me share something with you. You will fail your way to success
yes, eight out of ten millionaires have been financially bankrupt. You will fail
your way to success, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, it doesn’t
matter how many times people tell you that you can’t do it, it doesn’t matter
if you don’t have a dime in the bank. You will fail your way to success.