Drink your food, chew your water: R. Madhavan at the RWC16


I’m going to tell you something that you
may not know about our next speaker did
you know when he was still in school he
was a star in CC Kadett and he he went
to UK to train with the British Army the
Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force did
you know that key arm is a big believer
in production of animals a few years ago
PETA ranked them as a person of the year
the unknown as an actor but very few of
us know that he’s a is also a writer and
a producer so ladies and gentlemen bring
down the roof
let’s welcome over oh very good
afternoon thank you very much
why when I first came in and I saw this
setup I was blown I was talking to a
doctor in the evening last night and she
was saying this forum should be as big
as Ted with this sort of us preparation
and the kind of speakers you are I think
you’ll soon be as big if not more
prominent than Ted in India and so I
wish you all the very best for it I’m
going to speak to you on my idea of
wellness I am NOT an authority on
history nor on the medical sciences that
I have bravely ventured out to speak on
today but I can tell you with complete
certainty that it has worked for me it
has really changed the way my life has
been proceeding when I was made aware of
these facts you know being an actor the
stardom was thrust upon me and I was
more than excited to be called a star
and have people share after me and what
happens with most successes at an age
when you didn’t expect it is that
complacency sets in so after my first a
seven eight years in the film industry
the kind of film that I was doing was
mundane I was getting into doing three
films a year and more importantly I was
becoming fat and even more importantly
deep inside I was getting unhealthy
mentally as well as physically mentally
because complacency is one of those
stages where it starts completely you
start living in what I call the 30
degree a 30 second rule which is you
must be aware that when you are in
stress and you get up in the morning
every day you’re brushing your teeth
you’re thinking about whether to have
breakfast before you go to work or have
breakfast at work when you are actually
having a shower you’re thinking instead
of concentrating on the shower you are
thinking as soon as I get out of the
shower have to wear these clothes and
probably take this route to the office
when you’re driving the car you’re
living another 30 seconds I think as
soon as I reach the office is the first
all I have to make and what happens is
you are never actually in the moment
that you’re doing
a particular activity how many of you
really enjoyed a shower recently not had
a shower enjoy the shower
when I say enjoy the shower isn’t
actually look at every part of your body
that you’re cleaning and in seeing how
it feels being there in that one and
that is what meditation is all about is
being in the moment this 30 second rule
I realized was what was happening in my
life I was thinking about what I’m going
to do after the short while doing the
short I was thinking about what I’m
going to do after you know there’s
backup is over when I’m in the shoot and
as a result I was never actually present
completely and what I was doing and that
was never the best formula to excel so
when this complacency set in and I
became unhealthy I decided to go and
meet a doctor like all of us do today we
want to do all the research in the
internet before we go to meet the doctor
because we want to seem sure of what is
happening with us and help the doctor in
his I know diagnosis of our issues I
have a I have a neighbor whose name is
dr. Manoj and he tells me a story about
how this patient came to him after doing
all the research he was living in the
ghettos in Bombay Abdul he came and said
doc sob my wife is unwell there is
something wrong in her stomach you have
to do an operation sit here doctor said
let me let me examine the patient first
or why did you bring her to me he could
have just taken there and then the
operation on your own isn’t any sub up
there who see what has to be done
and sure enough doctor man who checked
him and they found out that she did have
a appendix infected appendix so they did
a Bendix surgery and she was cured one
and a half years later dr. Abdul calls
doctor again exactly one and a half
years later dr. sob I’m bringing my wife
she’s got appendix again you have to do
the surgery and take it off
so now dr. Manoj is getting a little
upset he said yeah listen let me be the
doctor let me do all the diagnoses you
just bring with your wife with a
complaint he said no no I’m telling you
same thing just take out the appendix
she’ll be fine and doctor was really
angry he said listen you going to teach
me how to be a medical officer
but there’s one human being has only one
appendix has already been taken out and
he’s yelling at Abdullah Abdullah waited
for him to finish and he said ma’am sir
I understand that one human being can
have only one appendix but a man can
have two wives nah yeah hey I find it
tough to manage with one I don’t know
how much is up the less it but but the
thing is when I’m into the doctor he
said um I triglycerides this problem
that problem all the issues and I said
what he wanted to he said I’m going to
give you medicines I was a quick fix but
that is the time that I came across some
very interesting notions that were being
floated around in the world and more
importantly I met some very interesting
people that changed the way I thought I
was going to get cured so let’s go back
to these interesting notions first
something that I believe in very
strongly you know human beings are not
designed or not were not meant to live
past the age of 40 the average age
expectancy of the homo sapiens was about
40 to 45 everything else starts closing
down if you are lucky you managed to 50
the Japanese made it a habit of reaching
100 now and everybody lives on what I
call Bonus Time now the problem is
mentally we do not prepare for the next
40 50 years of our extended life and
what happens is many people think that
retirement is a diamond from life or
when a certain sort of unhealthy
situation sets in they think that’s the
end of it and the worst curse that my
father had my grandfather Tommy in the
world today bade youngsters mid students
professors or people who are flying high
the worst curse today mentally is to be
considered irrelevant to be considered
if the element in the society that you
live in in the family that you live in
in the environment that your opinion as
I say old man it does matter don’t
listen to him and everybody’s fight is
to stay relevant
throughout their age and how do you do
that how do you do that to the next
hundred sixty years of your life
and I was very curious about it because
I see my parents I used to see my
relatives give up until I find I’m a
peacekeeper carnival either happy but
they were still alive mentally and it
was becoming more and more difficult to
see them lose control of their lives
because mentally they were very sedated
that’s when the research had ended you
know we are supposed to be if you went
by the Darwin’s theory the descendants
from apes right the difference between
an Indian elephant the difference in DNA
between an Indian elephant and an
African elephant yeah I mean the
similarity is about 98.6% that’s how
similar the Indian elephant is to an
African elephant so there is a
difference of about 1.4 percent do you
know what this what the difference or
the similarity between human being and
chimpanzee is anybody DNA is ninety to
ninety nine point two percent which
means we are closer to the monkeys
compared to
an elephant to the African elephant
which means our DNA’s are very much
similar and there is something that
happened in between which helped us
evolve as human beings and then the
primate stayed as them so the whole
world believed very recently almost 50
years ago that we were descendants of
the chimpanzees till they found out and
the chimpanzees I mean I mean for those
of you don’t know the chimpanzees almost
live like a human like society you know
they have they have made they have
murders they have conniving they have
wars between the two fractions they had
their territorial they’re omnivorous
they are you know they would they would
resort to murder they would steal each
other’s mates they would result a resort
to invest aside all sorts of goods and
Bad’s that would be human being shared
in our world today which is very evident
from the news and then they discovered a
new subspecies of the chimpanzees which
was called the bonobos and you be heard
about that bonobos anybody I’m creating
a biology class here okay
but it is true what I tell you is true
South America there was another breed of
chimpanzees called the bonobos very
similar to the original chimpanzees only
difference is the social build up was
extremely different
the chimpanzees were a patriarchal
society the bonobos were a matriarchal
society they were extremely peace-loving
they would hardly be wars between the
communities everything was well shared
and equally distributed amongst all and
every each and every member of the
society sex was used to compensate for
violence or any sorts of or displeasure
I mean they had lesbianism homosexuality
they in fact had all kinds of weird
things but all related to peace nothing
violent and then you suddenly they
suddenly realize that human being or
Homo sapiens were a mix of both these
DNA’s that brings us to a very
interesting situation which means
basically that there are some of us here
in the room if you were to meet somebody
who perpetrated a crime against you
probably try to molest your daughter and
this guy was brought in front of you and
said take revenge some of us however
angry we get we would say I hate you
curse the big and say let law take its
course and there are yet others another
part of the world in the same Society
who for a lesser crime will take out a
knife and cut somebody’s throat not
think twice about it which basically
means that whatever DNA you have you
have it in entirety and it is in your
control physically and mentally to
activate those da DNA s to live the kind
of life you lead depending on your
conditioning this was very I am for me
it was mind-blowing it was fabulous
because the person who informed this
told me that suddenly you will find
yourself getting this inhuman strength
to do something that you didn’t think
you were capable of doing or you would
take this inhuman or you know
spectacular stand against something in
your life that you didn’t think you were
capable of doing he says those are the
conditionings that help you activate
those DNA’s so I said you know what I
understood all this but I’m a man who
believes in practicality I want tangible
results I’ve told you all this tell me
what how do I activate the DNA’s that I
want I want to activate it going back to
looking young I want to go back to you
feeling young tell me how to do it so I
went to this place in Austria
spent a lot of money go to this place
which is a you know was a Wellness
Institute and they had been running that
for 150 years and the lessons I learned
there were priceless why I’m going to
describe this entire experience to you
and I’m going to tell you the influences
as we go along I went there it was a
beautiful place outside a lake
spectacular cold I walked in on a Sunday
evening they said yeah welcome mr.
Madhavan and we’ll see you tomorrow
morning and would you like to have
dinner I said yes they give me a
sumptuous dinner I was a vegetarian they
gave me the food I want you the next
morning I went in at the doctor and he
said welcome mr. Marvin lovely to see
you you from India I see yeah it is a
congratulations then you know you’re
you’ve paid us a lot of money and come a
long way to hear from us what we learnt
in India said congratulations he started
explaining to me what’s going to happen
for the next 10 10 days – 15 days that I
plan to stay there the first part was I
said first thing I said I’m hungry what
can I have for breakfast he said so it’s
in the next three days mr. Madhavan you
will be having what he extolled me was
four slices of slightly hard bread and a
bowl that looked like a little bit of
urine in it but was actually vegetable
broth according to him
I said what is this is the appetizer he
said no that is your breakfast lunch and
dinner for the next three days I said
only that he said yeah I said give me my
passport can I go back to India I’m done
this is too radical for me he said no no
listen and he said the most interesting
he said what do you want to eat for
breakfast so now I’m looking at him very
suspiciously I said can I have a white
omelette I’m trying to go healthy here
so egg white omelette maybe a liberal
oats would you like to have some
pancakes now the thought of pancakes had
already already digested the pancakes
because he meant it so I said well if
you think I should have a pancakes no
problem so he set at 8 o’clock we will
all go to the dining room and at that
place I saw extraordinary people who
achieved extraordinary results like the
Sultan of Brunei his sister Paula Abdul
brother whatever all kind of people and
when we went for breakfast
we were all sitting and the spectacular
Hall facing the lake and everybody was
sitting on their individual tables we
were categorically told no phones no
newspapers no television no nothing you
will sit there and you will do as we ask
you to and see if it makes a difference
in your life so they had taken orders
from every one of us people had ordered
omelet they confronted him grana
everything and everything was neatly
placed on our table it was actually
their Gomez chef had prepared it with
looking spectacular I could smell it I
was ready to have it and they said the
we all can have any part of the
breakfast you so wish but the only
condition is our request is they put
this bowl of soup and this four pieces
of spelt bread we are and said our only
request to you is finish this bowl of
soup and this bread in the manner that
we asked you to and then we are more
than happy for you to consume the rest
of the breakfast and I said okay great
what’s the deal they said we’re going to
follow a principle here called drink
your food and and some sip chew your
water so it’s drink your food and chew
your water so I said what do you mean by
then they said take a piece of spelt
chew it 40 times at least till it
becomes liquid that becomes completely
liquid then swallow it it’s not going to
be easy your mind is not going to allow
you to do that it sounds very simple
your mind is never gonna allow you to do
that but I we’d like you to focus on
just at four pieces of bread we’ve given
you and then every time you take a sip
of the soup
don’t don’t gulp it down put it in your
mouth gargle it in your mouth feel it
chew it with your teeth and then swallow
it I said no problem the the pancake was
beckoning so I picked up my bread and I
started to chew it slightly chewy
rubberish and I would you know make it
into complete liquid I would actually
feel the entire flavor it was not bad it
was pretty tasty
but ladies and gentlemen in 14 minutes I
couldn’t finish the bread forget about
the rest of the breakfast forget about
the soup I couldn’t finish the bread I
was seated and it happened across the
board to everybody I mean like looking
at each other and smiling because we
tried you know there’s a there’s an
afro-american woman ship tried to have a
little bit of the pancakes
we couldn’t finish it and it is really a
we thought of was my soda or got a lot
of Zola there that’s why you’re feeling
full and everything but then the
explanation started and he said to all
of Isis mister mother when the mind or
your body knows exactly what it wants
your mind gets sated after chewing for
14 to 15 minutes whatever you if you
calculate every time you’ve been to a
party every time you’ve been to a dinner
you can only eat collectively for 15
minutes what do you eat how much you eat
and that is a totally different thing
but you cannot chew for more than 14 15
minutes because the brain sends a signal
to your body saying stop eating you got
enough food I said this is very
interesting and so a series of classes
started and the sense of which I want to
share with you today I was asking him
you know I don’t understand so how does
this work what in 15 minutes he says
when you there is he asked me you know
you’re going to work out for this film
called salah cruise you want to build up
muscles you asked me in an email how
much protein you should hear a serie he
said down why do you want to eat protein
I said because I want to put on excess
muscles I want the body to look fit he
said well in that case why didn’t you
just have eight glasses of protein
shakes every day it’s great amount of
protein don’t work out just have eight
glasses of protein shake you should
become muscular I said nah maybe that
doesn’t work because I am supposed to be
working out all so he says then why do
you need to work out if protein is going
to do the job for you I said yeah he
says the protein doesn’t do the job for
you your conditioning of the lifestyle
that you’re leading while you eat the
food will determine what aspect of the
food is absorbed in your body he asked
me what is the most muscular animal in
the jungle
asking a kid question so everybody said
elephant basically it was the Ox
the most muscular animal in the forest
and he said what does the Ox eat just
grass it’s it’s a herbivore and even in
the herbivore it only eats grass and he
says so how does he get all the muscles
no protein shake for that ox and he says
the brain and your body is far more
spectacular and smart than you people
and your mundane lives are giving it
credit for this is the brain knows that
there is no pure food every piece of
food that you put in your mouth is
consisting of carbohydrates fats protein
vitamin mineral but in different
proportions and he says the Bulls brains
knows how to just take out the protein
from the grass that is required and
substitute and put it into the body that
means so I was extremely intrigued so
you see you’re basically saying that I
don’t need to take a protein shake he
said no let me explain to you how what
we learnt from India where we say the
final point of the whole conversation is
people in our Shastras say that you are
what you eat by that what he meant was
your emotional success your emotion so
you emotional your success your
temperament the way you look at the
world your your family relationships
your professional relations
everything depends on what you eat and
that was too much for me I said that is
how can my acting dependent on my you
know popularity of my professional get
it depend on what I eat so please tell
me what we tell you only eat that and he
said no no no he says when we say you
are what you eat it basically means that
in today’s world people are so stressed
out he says that mr. Madan if you’re not
able to give yourself 10 minutes in a
day to sit quietly without your mobile
phones without your conversations
without your television without being
distracted to eat your food then you’re
doing a stupid profession and you’re not
a successful person all great people in
the world who have achieved any sort of
greatness were very disciplined on one
thing and that was their food beard
Alexander the Great to any Magma’s to
everybody food was a very important
not just a food the way they ate it how
they ate it and when they ate it so I
said explain to me I’m not as evolved as
what you’re trying to be and he said the
body when you chew it enough when you
start drinking your food when you chew
it enough the brain takes all the
signals from your saliva your sugar and
your carbohydrates gets digested in the
mouth any doctor will tell you that your
saliva sends a signal to your brain
saying this gentleman is eating certain
certain things so prepare your app your
your guts a core to secrete the acids
according to the food being taken so
that the right amount of absorption is
done for the food most of us wolf down
the food which means that you’re raining
your intestine with one enough without
information to your brain with just food
and anybody who’s in the medical
profession will tell you that other food
doesn’t get digested in time it becomes
toxic so therefore the brain will leave
all other activities including put its
it itself at risk to just make sure that
the food gets digested how many of you
all go to the gym I’m sure you two
ladies who absolutely spectacular ladies
the twins that go into the mountains
they know you all go to the gym right
any men who go and workout or this is a
very healthy environment right thank you
sir and I’m anybody who’s been to the
gym and trying to put on muscles will
tell you the moment you start working
out you start feeling your muscles
getting pumped right it looks larger can
you all tell me how the muscle looks
larger when you work out or midgets go
and answer it anybody aha well will you
concentrate yeah but how does the muscle
become bigger for that particular moment
when you’re working out say there again
lactic build-up um no basically because
the blood rushes into that particular
part of the body so when you’re working
out your chest or you’re working out
your abdomens or you’re working out your
biceps or triceps the blood rushes in to
those parts to stop the muscle from
getting damaged and therefore it gives a
definition and a size and then the more
you do it the more the muscle test the
more it becomes the fiber increases and
it becomes bigger and more efficient
well what is the blood rush into the
the question I ask people who workout in
the gym every day I’m saying out to my
chest over here where is the muscle come
from rather than become where did the
blood come from and nobody knows where
the blood comes from it’s not like
you’re drinking blood while you’re
working on anybody said again yeah other
parts of the body hey which part of the
body specifically brains heart nope
so that’s exactly the answers that I was
giving the blood constantly rests in
your gut the reason it rests in your gut
is it’s widely accepted in Chinese
mythology as well as the Indian sciences
that the gut your stomach is your second
brain and if your stomach is your second
brain you must understand that it knows
how to take care of the body when you
eat the food so quickly we’ll fit down
the food rations to the first small
intestines which is going around around
your stomach and it’s being pushed
through it the acids are pouring in
trying to make sure that the food
whatever little bit they can nourish men
can be added its digested and then it’s
pushed into the large intestine which
goes around your stomach like this and
then finally gets excreted right large
intestine has a layer of bacteria which
is like a lawn all right so that lawn is
meant to be the bacteria is there and
whatever food has been digested comes
there the bacteria absorbs the food
pushes into the into the blood that’s
why the blood is always there and then
it goes to the rest of your part of the
body when the food is gulped down the
small intestine is not able to digest it
completely so it pushes it to the large
intestine with undigested food which is
actually the food of this bacteria
because bacteria is a plant and like all
plant it absorbs this particular food
and from a lawn it becomes a forest
that’s why we get our little belly
because the large intestine is swollen
up it’s become hard it’s become tough
and most importantly the blood flow and
the flow of digestive juices become very
very limited and your body is not now
healthy it is unhealthy it is actually
functioning below optimum and he says
society cannot grow India
as a society mentally cannot grow till
you are unhealthy physically which means
if you’re not if it’s just normal it’s
still not enough your body is capable of
functioning optimally all you have to do
is give it enough time when you eat food
I was completely blown by them and I
wanted to know tell me more and he said
the last thing he said what do I have to
do to make sure that this gut doesn’t
become an earlier and my second brain is
actually functioning properly and he
said mr. massive and the first thing I
will tell you is you will not eat food
after six o’clock in the evening what
time do you go to sleep I said ten
actually lied I go to I go to sleep at
2:00 but he said ten I wanted to sound
healthy but he said if you’re sleeping
at ten you have to make sure that you
finish eating your food at least three
hours before you go to sleep because
that will determine how successful you
are in your career now you keep saying
this explain and he says if the blood is
in the digestive system all the time
when you lie down in the prone position
the blood is kept there and it is meant
to digest the food that we’ve eaten
quickly and then rush to the brain the
moment you eat food just before you go
to sleep the brain says forget me
all the blood let it be in the gut and
let it just digest the food that you’ve
eaten right now so that if you don’t
digest he’s going to become toxic in
three hours and you will die as a result
that brain does not that blood from the
gut does not travel to the brain and
when it does not travel in the alpha
state to the brain what happens is the
entire rejuvenation of the body and it
doesn’t matter what age group you are
and young old or anything the entire
rude rejuvenation that sleep is supposed
to do is to blood carries all the
information about which nail is not
working why the hair is falling why the
skin is looking dry which part is being
infected which bone is hurt what is
hollow all the information that is going
to be there has to travel to the brain
the brain analyzes it and before you
wake up before the beta state before the
state that you wake up all the signals
are sent out to every part of your body
and once that signal is received
everybody is reset you wake up and he
says that’s when the mind can clearly do
job it is meant to me why do people say
don’t drink and drive because he’ll get
an accident why do you enter an accident
or why do you get into a debate that you
normally would not do sober why do you
get into a you know argument on a topic
that you would not normally get into
sober it’s because at the time that
you’re drunk the brain is telling you
that is right it’s perfect you good
enough to drive you’re saying all your
facilities are fine and you’re like and
bravado sets in and you do stupid things
he says if alcohol is capable of giving
that negative effect to your brain then
be assured that there are many
substances that are capable of making
your brain work in a positive manner in
a more efficient manner and those 10
days that I lived over there I made sure
that I ate every day before 6 o’clock I
made sure i choose my food and sorry i
drank my food and showed my water and I
made sure I try to follow everything
that he had said in terms of how does
gonna help me get reset my life when I
came out of there I am Telling You
ladies and gentlemen I was a completely
changed man in ten days before I left he
said one more thing he said what I am
Telling You me some other one does not
mean that it will be accepted by your
body in your brain at the right time
it’s a calling your mind reminder state
you were ripe for me to tell you this
and understand that he spoke like a
philosopher as a doctor he says
sometimes in your life you’re not ready
to listen
sometimes the calling is not there many
people have come to this place and done
this course mundane ly but they were not
mentally ready to accept the changes
that they were that we were trying to
say and eventually they went back to
going at relegating themselves back to
the same lifestyle this is the
difference between that and you is what
is in your culture called Karma Withey
that is going to be the difference
between how successful you are and how
so the reason I was asked telling trying
to tell you this is it is very possible
for us to activate each one of those
DNA’s that we have the same as the
Barnabas as well as the chimpanzees this
particularly conditioning about how you
have your food and how you let your
environment affect you will determine
which of those DNA’s get get activated
any given point of time
I am like I said a follower of
simplicity and tangible answers this
gave me a serious tangible answer sit
down eat your food without being
distracted make sure you chew 40 times
make sure you drink your solid food and
chew your water and the day I started
doing that it was spectacular every
result that was wrong in my blood group
came back started getting normalized my
hair started growing more healthy I was
able to think more clearly I did not
have to think make notes over things
that had to be done during the day and
and and from being below average
health-wise I was in my opinion
functioning optimally and it is very
difficult to convince yourself to be
young when you are 46 years old and
you’re here Owen is 17 years old and
she’s on this set and exhibiting totally
different aspects of being an actress’s
I’ve ever been used to where you know
hey I bought a tattoo here or I have a
piercing there do you want to see it and
I’m no I don’t want to see it but I well
you know it’s very difficult to relate
to them but sometimes if you have enough
stories in your in your pocket you’re
able to be make yourself relevant even
to that generation and being and want
and feeling like the alpha male on the
set feeling like you’re the healthiest
one over there feeling like you were the
boss is very important for a hero and
for me this experience in Austria helped
me get there and that is the story I
wanted to share thank you very much for
your patience