Don't Forget What Life Is Really About | by Jay Shetty


Morning this morning motion
Oh settle down settle down today’s
assignment is a little bit different to
what we usually do today I’ve got a
question that I want you to answer and
the question is what do you want to be
when you grow up now I want you to think
about this very carefully answer it
honestly don’t worry about what people
are gonna think because nobody else is
going to see this I do want you to think
about why
take your time and answer this
all right class that’s all we have time
for today can I please have your sheets
as you’re leaving
thank you very nice thank you well done
good job have a nice day you do me thank
you John
by chance
John can I speak to you for a second
business John I think you’ve
misunderstood the assignment
miss I think you misunderstood life in
the hope for money in the hope for
success we end up chasing the wrong
things and we make a mess we end up with
less than we started with end up with
more issues than we bargained for whilst
climbing that ladder and that stairway
we forget why we started climbing in the
first place once the King of Bhutan was
asked by an interviewer what the GDP of
Bhutan was he was surprised and shocked
he replied by saying in Bhutan we don’t
just measure the GDP we measure the G
and H instead of just measuring the
gross domestic product we measure gross
national happiness in the process of
getting older we forget the real goal of
life if you could make a little less and
spend more time doing what you love
would that make you happier don’t trade
your happiness for what you think you
need things can never make us happy
because they’re temporary and limited
but experiences can last forever too
many people are working hard on things
they don’t love to spend money they
don’t have to buy things they don’t need
to impress people they don’t like when
we create our identity around what we do
a career a job and occupation we can
never be happy because we’re basing it
on something external but when we create
an identity around who we are and what
we want to be and become then anything
is possible and remember we become
successful by what we get but we become
happy by what we give don’t get the two