DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL - Study Motivation Speech


You’re here, right now, at this moment
because tomorrow you want to be somebody
greater than the person you are today.
You see yourself succeeding, you have a
vision, you have a dream. Congratulations.
You’re already ten steps ahead of
ninety-five percent of the world imagine
that Michael Jordan was scared of
missing he would have never taken a shot
imagina Steve Jobs was afraid of people
not liking its product there would be no
iphone so ask yourself this do you want
to be a person who fears failure or do
you want to be a person who loves
success which one you’re going to have
to pick today and I’ll tell you one
thing one is a failure and one is a
success and if you love success there is
nothing that can stop you all those
negative things people say will mean
nothing they’re going to talk about how
only 1% make it to the top big deal want
to know something else only 1% stick
with that fitness program long enough to
see results only 1% of nerds stick with
that video game long enough to get good
at it only 1% of relationships stick it
out to the end that doesn’t mean you
have a one-percent chance
it just means you can’t behave like the
ninety-nine percent you’ll have to do
something better than giving up a month
from now those are just numbers you want
to talk about numbers take a look around
you and take a good look around you are
you like ninety-nine percent of the
people around you if you are then you’re
in the wrong video my friend you have to
love success just as much because that’s
going to allow you to get up and go for
it being scared to fail won’t do
anything in fact when you love success
and you start going for it guess what
happens you’re going to fail you’re
going to fail ten times a hundred times
maybe even a thousand times but that’s
okay failure isn’t permanent falling
isn’t permanent you get right back up
and keep going and this time you’re
going to be stronger wiser and you’ll be
more driven than ever and for every ten
failures you land one success you have
to love success so much that you’re
willing to fail ten times before you can
succeed once that’s how a winner does it
I want to explain the biggest myth that
most people think lead them to success
and here’s a minute you might believe if
you’re scared to fail you won’t fail
lies biggest myth ever and I believe it
you see I always thought that being
scared to fail in life would literally
keep me from failing I would look at the
losers around me and I would say sheesh
I never want to turn out like him I
really believe this train of thought
would help me succeed until one day
I was walking down the street and I saw
an old man had a hat suspenders and a
cane was about 80 years old this old man
was barely walking he could walk but the
cane helped a lot he was struggling so
anyway he was walking across the street
and he ended up falling so I went over
to go help him and he gets up says thank
you and we introduced ourselves had a
little conversation told me his name and
I thought in mind his name was Robert by
the way and right as he walked away I
told him this is what I said Robert you
should stay inside where it’s safe my
friend and Robert turns around and says
to me I love walking and I love walking
way more than I’m afraid of falling so I
asked him well what about your safety
don’t you want to live and he told me
this these are the exact words he said
he said this solo living means doing
what you love to do and if I had to fall
here and there to do what I want to do
in life and so be it and he just walked
away never saw him again that was it but
that statement really had me thinking
and it had me thinking hard because I
learned something that day that’s when I
realized the true key to success you see
I always thought if I could just fear
the act of failing and if I fear it like
crazy I would succeed
because i thought the fear would
magically motivate me to get out there
and start taking action but after that
day I realized something I realize it’s
the love for success that will lead me
to succeeding so just imagine if Robert
feared falling what do you even start
walking of course not he wouldn’t even
do what he loved to do he would sit at
home and take no type of action but he
loved walking wasn’t even scared to fall
he gave him life that’s what allowed him
to get up and do it he loved walking so
much he was willing to fall 10 times a
day just to do it and you have to be the
same so the next time someone tells you
you’re going to fail you know what you
tell them tell them they’re right but
you’re not afraid of fail you’re not
afraid of take action you’re not afraid
to jump you’re going to fail ten times
but you know what it’s cool because on
the 11th time you’ll succeed oh you’ll
succeed all right and it’ll feel good
and while you’re over here living the
life of your dreams and complete
happiness guess where they’re going to
be that’s right there’ll be failures the
real failures over there where it’s safe
scared to fail ironic isn’t it