BTS speech at the United Nations | UNICEF


It is an incredible honor to be invited
to an occasion
with such significance for today’s young
last November BTS launched the love
campaign with yusuf built in our belief
that true love first begins with loving
we’ve been partnering with UNICEF’s end
violence program
to protect children and young people all
over the world from violence
and our fans have become a major part of
this campaign
with their action and with their
we truly have the best fans in the world
and I’d like to begin by talking about
I was born in is an a city near
south Korea is a really beautiful place
with a lake hills and even an annual
flower festival
I spent a very happy childhood there and
I was just
I used to look up at the nice sky wonder
and I used to train the dreams of a boy
I used to imagine that I was a superhero
who could save the world
and in an intro to one of her early
there’s a line that says my heart
stopped when I was
maybe nine or ten looking back
I think that’s when I began to worry
about what other people
thought of me and started seeing myself
through their eyes
I stopped looking up at the night skies
the stars I stopped daydreaming
instead I just tried to jam myself
into neither did my heart
stopped and my eyes closed shut
so like this I
we all lost our knees
i became like ghosts
but I had one century and that was music
there was a small voice inside of me
that said
wake up and listen to yourself
but it took me quite a long time to hear
music calling my real name
even after making the decision to join BTS there were
a lot of hurdles some people might not
believe but
most people thought we were hopeless
and sometimes I just wanted to quit
but I think I was very lucky that i
didn’t give it all up
and I’m sure that I and we
will keep stumbling and falling like
this BTS has become artists performing in
those huge stadiums and selling
millions of albums right now but I am
still an
ordinary 24 year old guy
if there’s anything that I’ve achieved
it was only possible
that I have my other BTS members right
by my side
and because of the love and the support
that our army fans all over the world
made for us
and maybe I made a mistake yesterday
but yesterday’s me is still me
today I am who I am
with all of my faults
tomorrow I might be
a tiny bit wiser and that would be me
these faults and mistakes are what I am
making of the brightest stars in the
constellation of my life
I have come to love myself for who I am
for who I was and for who I hope to
I like to say the one last thing
after releasing our love yourself albums
and launching the love myself campaign
started to hear remarkable stories from
our fans all over the world
how our message helped them overcome
their harshest
in life and start loving themselves
those stories constantly remind us of
our responsibility
so let’s take all one more step
we have learned to love ourselves
so now I urge you to speak yourself
I like to ask all of you
what is your name what excites you
and makes your heart beat tell me your
I want to hear your voice I want to want
to hear your conviction
no matter who you are where you from
your skin color your gender identity
just speak yourself find your name
and find your voice by speaking yourself
I’m Kim Namjoon and also rmbts
like most people I’ve made many mistakes
in my life
I have many faults and I have many more
but I’m gonna embrace myself as hard as
I can
and I’m starting to love myself
is your name speak yourself