AGAINST ALL ODDS - Elon Musk (Motivational STORY)


You know there are American heroes who
don’t like this idea Neil Armstrong Gene
Cernan have both testified against
commercial spaceflight in the way that
you’re developing it and I wonder what
you think of that I was very sad to see
that because those guys are yeah you
know those guys here’s mine so it’s
really tough you know I wish they would
come and visit and and see the hardware
they were doing here and then I think
that would change their life they
inspired you to do this didn’t they yes
and to see them casting stones in your
it’s difficult did you expect them to
cheer you on
so they hoping it would what are you
trying to prove to them what I’m trying
to do is to make a significant
difference in in spaceflight and and and
help make spaceflight accessible to to
almost anyone one of the most difficult
choices I have ever faced in life was
was in 2008 and I think I had I could
maybe thirty million dollars left over
thirty or forty one else left in 2008 I
had two choices I could put her all into
one company and then the other company
would definitely die or split it between
the two companies and their best bet of
between two companies then both might
and when you put your blood sweat and
tears into creating something a bully
something it’s like a child and so it
said which one am I gonna let one starve
to death
you can bring myself to do it so fast I
split the money between two
fortunately the goodness collective of
future what was your biggest failure and
having to change you well there’s a ton
of failures along the way that’s for
except for essa as a support for SpaceX
the first three launches failed and we
were just barely able to speak together
enough parts and money to do the fourth
launch that both launched and failed we
would have been dead so multiple
failures along the way I tried very hard
to get the right expertise in for for
SpaceX I tried hard to to find a great
chief engineer for the rocket but it but
the good Chief Engineers wouldn’t join
and the bad ones will there’s no point
in hiring them so I ended up a chief
engineer of the rocket so if I could
have found somebody better then we would
have maybe had less than three failures
that third failure in a row did you
think I need to pack this in though why
I don’t ever give up so many people try
to talk me out of starting our company
it was it was crazy one good friend of
mine collected a whole series of videos
of rockets blowing up and made me watch
those you just didn’t want me to lose
all my money we’re doing these things
that seemed unlikely to succeed and
we’ve been fortunate and at least thus
far they have succeeded now is the time
to take risk you don’t have kids as you
can older your obligations increase and
once you have a family you start taking
risk not just for yourself but for your
family as well it gets much harder to do
things that might not work out so now is
the time to do that before you before
you have those obligations so I would
encourage you to take risks now do
something bold
you won’t regret it how did you figure
you were gonna start a car company and
be successful at but I didn’t really
think Tesla would be successful I
thought we would most likely fail but I
thought that we at least could address
the false perception that people have
that an electric car had to be ugly and
slow and and boring like you vote but
but you say you didn’t expect the
company be successful then why try if
something is important enough you should
try even if they probably outcome as
failure or how do you think about making
a decision when everyone tells you this
is a crazy idea where do you get the
internal strength to do that
I’m office well I’d say I actually think
I feel fear quite strongly so as long as
though I just have the absence of fear
I’ve I feel it quite strongly
but there were times when something is
important enough you believe it enough
but you do it in spite of the fear
I think about what’s what technology
solution is necessary in order to
achieve the particular goal and then try
to make as much progress in that
direction as possible I think the being
a multi-planet species being out there
among the stars is important for the
long-term survival of humanity and
that’s one reason but then the part that
I find personally most motivating is
that it creates a sense of adventure and
it makes people excited about the future
if you consider two futures one where we
are forever confined to it until
eventually something terrible happens or
another future where we are out there on
many planets maybe even going beyond the
solar system I think that second version
is incredibly exciting and inspiring and
they need to be reasons to get up in the
morning you know life can’t just be
about solving problems otherwise what’s
the point it’s gotta be things that
people find inspiring and make life
worth living when my brother and I were
starting our first company instead of
getting an apartment we just rented us a
small office and we slept on the couch
and we showered at the YMCA and we’re so
hot up we had one computer so the
compass of the the website was up during
the day and I was coding at night seven
days a week all the time and I I sort of
briefly had a girlfriend in that period
and in order to be with me she have to
sleep in the office so I work hard like
it I mean every waking hour that’s
that’s the the thing I would I would say
if you’re particularly if you’re
starting a company what whatever area
that you get into given that you know
even if you if you’re the best the best
there’s always a chance of failure so I
think it’s important that you really
like whatever you’re doing if you don’t
like it life is too short if you like
what you’re doing you think about it
even when you’re not working I mean
it’ll just it’s something that your mind
is drawn to and and if you don’t like it
you just really can’t make it work I