Preity Zinta at the University of East London receiving an Honorary Doctorate


Preity Zinta in recognition of your
outstanding contributions for the arts
world for your tireless work as a
it gives me the greatest pleasure to ask
the vice-chancellor to confer on you the
honorary Doctor of Arts on this causa
I got thrown vice-chancellor
distinguished guests ladies and
gentlemen it’s an honor and a pleasure
for me to be here today I must say I
have never been more embarrassed than
seeing a navy of mine under
circumstances like these I’m also
extremely humbled to be receiving this
degree with two really distinguished
I think whatever I wanted to say you
said it all so I’m going to keep it
really brief when I was a little girl my
father always told me that an Indian
woman when she’s young she’s dependent
on her father when she’s married she’s
dependent on her husband and when she’s
a child
or when she is old she is dependent on
her son and I don’t want you to be like
that I want you to have independence I
want you to be the master of your
and I and the only way you can do that
is if you are educated and you can stand
on your own two feet I was really lucky
to have parents like this who gave me
opportunities of a great education who
let me do what I wanted so today when
I’m standing on my own two feet I
decided that I was going to work towards
women’s empowerment in India and for
that I really have to thank the lumba
foundation the United Nation for giving
me enough
for giving me an opportunity to give
back to society and make a difference
thank you