Motivation: Fail Better | Speech By ft. Peter Dinklage


When I was 29 I told myself the next
acting job I get no matter what it pays
I will from now on for better or worse
be a working actor
so I quit my position at the professional examination services
and now I didn’t have either the
internet or a cell phone or a job
but something good happened
I got a low-paying theater job in a play
called imperfect love which led to a
film called 13 moons with the same writer
which led to other roles which led to other roles
and I’ve worked as an actor ever since
I didn’t know that would happen
at 29 walking away from data processing
I was terrified
ten years in a place without heat
six years at a job I felt stuck in
maybe I was afraid of change
are you?
my parents didn’t have much money
but they struggled to send me to the best schools
and one of the most important things they did for me
is that once I graduated I was on my own
financially it was my turn
but this made me very hungry
I couldn’t be lazy now I’m totally lazy
but back then I couldn’t be
and so at 29 in a very long last
I was in the company of the actors and writers
and directors I’d sought out that first year
that first day after school
I was I am by their sides
Raise the rest of your life
to meet you
Don’t search for defining moments
because they will never come
The moments that define you have already happened
and they will already happen again
sorry it sucks after graduation
it really does
I mean I don’t know at least it did for me
but that’s the only thing I know
you you just get a bit derailed
but soon something starts to happen
trust me
a rhythm sets in
just try not to wait until like me
you’re 29 before you find it
and if you are that’s fine too
some of us never find it
but you will
I promise you
what did Beckett say
ever tried ever failed
no matter
try again
fail again
fail better