73 Questions With Priyanka Chopra | Vogue


Priyanka I’m so excited to ask you 73
questions me too it’s gonna be
incredible what non-work related thing are you most
excited about oh my god sleeping tonight
and how long do you plan on staying in
New York city for just a week
okay what’s the first thing you do when
you go back to Mumbai India
I take the long drive home from the
airport and I put the windows down and
let the wind float with my hair if you and I were to
spend 73 hours in India together what
would we be doing
okay we will be eating so much we will
party so much
and then I’ll make sure I take you on a
rickshaw because that’s a must
can you tell me a misconception
Americans have about
India that we all have arranged
and that we speak a language called
Indian it’s like saying I speak American
okay can you tell me a misconception
Indians have about Americans
that all Americans are super rich and
you can sue anyone here
though that might be true what is the
single greatest thing about America
that is the land of the free and the
home of the brave and
cheeseburgers what is a single thing you
want to say to everybody in India
at this moment I love you
also at this moment is a guy down there
who wants to shout out a question
hey what’s up what Broadway show should
I take my family to
lion king always lion king
come on let’s go inside okay what was
the last show that you binge watched um
the crown
what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever
done skydiving
what was the scariest thing you’ve ever
done I was in Zimbabwe recently
and I ate some worms
worms and they were fried what’s the
most common mispronunciation of your
name Bianca my name starts with a p and it’s
copra like Orpah not copra or chapra
or whatever
noted what was your best pinch me moment
when I heard that I was on the cover of
time magazine as the hundred most
influential people in the world
it’s pretty pinch me where do you hope
your career takes you in 10 years
to global domination would you shave
your head
for a roll I would totally do that but i
think Pantene would sue me
not allowed to which award are you most
proud to have received
I’ve received a padmasri which is
basically like getting knighted in India
the president gives it to you
and it’s pretty cool where do you keep
your miss world
crown I didn’t get to keep it because it
was made of solitaires and sapphires
so they took it back it circulates 50
years now do you remember your question
from the 2000 competition
yes I do the question was who is the
living woman you admire the most
okay what’d you say I said Mother Teresa
but she was dead
but I still won you did she lives on in
my heart
and how would you answer that question
now I would say Michelle Obama
I think she’s aspirational super cool
still added
and at the same time just real you know
all right what do you like on your pizza
pepperoni and jalapeno what’s one thing
you always buy a duty free
um I buy shoes lots of shoes all right
what’s your favorite dish your mom cooks
okay she’s gonna kill me but my mom
can’t cook
so scrambled eggs boiled maybe what’s
your spirit animal
a phoenix cause I can always rise from
the ashes
what’s the most romantic thing a guy can
do for a girl
you know surprise a girl don’t do the
whole chocolates and flowers thing
all right what’s your ideal first date
fly me to an unknown destination to see
the sunset
what’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever
heard in your entire life
oh my god did you just fart because you
blew me away
oh my god who’s your supermodel crush
um Tyson Beckford uh what’s the most
American thing you could say in
an American accent um could I have
a skinny almond milk latte with no
no milk please okay what’s another
American thing you can say in a Boston
pack the cat and the yad I’m never doing
Boston again
okay favorite Hindi Mohave
well done joe all right jessie Karin
vessel Bharani all right now if I wanted
to impress some friends with some Hindi
slang what would I say
okay cool let me think um
it means get lost son
do you have any tattoos yeah just one
okay it says daddy’s little girl and
it’s my dad’s handwriting I lost him
four years ago.