73 Questions With Kendall Jenner | Vogue


- [Interviewer] Hey, Kendall Jenner.
- Hi!
- I came here to ask you 73 questions very, very quickly.
- Let’s do it, come on in.
- Alright.
So, here we are in the home you grew up in.
- Yeah.
- How often do you hang out here?
- Not too often anymore.
- What’s your favorite memory in this home?
- Sneaking out late.
- What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate in this home?
- Christmas.
- Okay, what is the most absurd nickname
that someone has ever given you?
- Killa, but I haven’t been called that since high school.
- What was your first job?
- Dog walking.
- What’s something about you
that you wish more people focused on?
- My ass.
- What scares you the most?
- Losing someone.
- What angers you the most?
- Delayed flights.
- What makes you laugh the most?
- My friend Tyler.
- What’s your favorite curse word?
- (bleeping)
(loud power tool buzzing)
- What is going on there?
- Mom, what are you doing?
- I’m doing a major renovation to your room.
But, what should I make it into?
- A planetarium.
- So, what is modeling really like?
- A dream come true.
- Where is one place you like to go and not be recognized?
- The beach.
- Okay, so this is your mother’s closet.
Wow, that is an abundance of shoes.
- Yeah.
- What’s the precise number of shoes in that closet?
- 73, but only sneakers.
- That’s a good number.
Best fashion tip you learned from your mom?
- Always to take care of my things.
- What is your must-have beauty product?
- Red lipstick.
- What’s the worst beauty trend you’ve ever tried?
- Plucking my eyebrows too much.
- What’s the worst fashion trend of all time?
- Wedge sneakers.
- What’s your morning beauty ritual?
- Drinking tons of water, and brushing my teeth.
- What’s your spirit animal?
- Tupac Shakur.
- Kendall, let’s do a quick touch-up.
- Hi, okay.
- Do you have a secret beauty tip?
- Drinking tons of water.
- Do you have a secret hobby?
- Photography.
- [Interviewer] Do you have a secret?
- If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.
- Okay, good to go.
- Cool.
- What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever splurged on?
- My vintage car.
- What do you wear when nobody’s watching?
- Nothing.
- What is your favorite thing you’ve ever worn?
- Anything a little controversial.
- Okay, here’s an onslaught of sister questions.
- Okay.
- Who is your favorite sister right now?
- Khloe.
- Who’s your favorite to pose with at this current moment?
- All of them.
- Who is the funniest sibling, and why?
- I think Kylie, ‘cause she’s super sarcastic.
- Who is the craziest sibling, and why?
- Drunk or sober?
- Who is the neediest sibling, and why?
- None of us.
We’re all super independent women.
- Which sister’s closet would you love to raid?
- Kim, always.
- What’s one thing only you know about Kim?
- She can do almost anything with her toes.
- What’s it like being an aunt?
- Great, because I can give them back.
- If Kim has another kid, what should she call him or her?
- South?
- Can you name four other names that start with K?
- Kat, Katie, Karen, Kassandra.
- That works.
- Favorite movie of all time?
- The Notebook.
- What movies made you cry the hardest
and laugh the hardest?
- Cry the hardest: Marley and Me.
And laugh the hardest: Bridesmaids.
- Okay, you can only dance to one song
for the rest of your life.
What song is it?
- Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, of course.
- If you joined the Spice Girls, what would your name be?
- Kitten Spice.
- If your life was a song or movie, what would the title be?
- It Ain’t As Easy As It Looks.
- Okay, what is the craziest time you’ve ever had with Gigi?
- One time we were in Cannes and pulled
an all-nighter and ended up in Monaco.
- What is your nickname for Gigi?
- Ouija.
- Using the fewest words possible,
can you explain to me how you are related to Gigi?
- So, her stepdad
is my half-brother’s stepdad.
Ex-stepdad, does that make sense?
- Not at all.
- Oh, okay, sorry.
- Do you read internet comments?
- No.
- What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever
read about yourself on the internet?
- That I’m having Justin Bieber’s spirit child.
- What do you wanna say to your fans?
- I love you.
- Alright, what’s the story behind this Instagram photo?
- This is me getting ready for an event
with my stylist and my seamstress in some sick boots.
- What’s the story behind this Instagram photo?
- This is me and my sisters at my
sister’s baby shower having some sister time.
- What’s the story behind this Instagram photo?
- This is my always mood.
- Will you post a selfie of you and me on your Instagram?
- No, let’s go to the pool.
- Name one thing you cannot live without.
- Pasta.
- Kendall!
- Hi!
- I just had a baby, what should I do to celebrate?
- Maybe go hang out with your wife.
(both laugh)
- What TV show would you kill to make a cameo in?
- The Bachelorette.
- Do you have a favorite episode of
Keeping Up with the Kardashians?
- Yeah, probably the one
where I did prosthetics with my sisters.
- Would you ever do a spin-off?
- No, I like working with my family too much.
- What are three things you look for in a man?
- Confidence, good sense of humor, and great style.
- Who did you have a crush on when you were younger?
- Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez.
- Alright, what was your first memory?
- Me running down the halls in my house
in a little leopard coat.
- Who would make you totally star struck?
- Angelina Jolie, of course.
- Alright, favorite place to visit that’s not a home?
- Palm Springs.
- Do you have a hidden talent?
- Yeah, I can make bird noises.
- Prove it.
(bird chirping)
(Interviewer laughing)
- [Kris] Kendall, get your ass in here.
- [Interviewer] What was the name of your first pet?
- Harley.
Yes, Mom, what’s up?
- Well, I finished your planetarium,
and wanted to know what’s the most
embarrassing thing that your mom’s ever done?
- Maybe this, all your magazines.
Love you.
- Love you.
- If you had to choose another career, what would you do?
- Probably working on a farm somewhere.
- How would you describe yourself in three words?
- I’m a weirdo, I’m motivated, and I’m jet-lagged.
- If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
- Gosh, probably to be invisible whenever I wanted to be.
- What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?
- Maybe when one of my sister’s got pregnant.
Or when Kanye proposed to Kim.
- What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
- Treat people the way you want to be treated.
- What advice would you give your younger self?
- Don’t wear that.
- What do you hope for by the time you’re 30?
- Happiness, love, and a family.
- What are you doing immediately after this interview?
- Going to the gym, this body doesn’t do it itself.
- Alright, last question.
Before I leave,
can I film you with some crazy filters on your face?
- Thought you’d never ask.
- Okay, so here you are with some insane eyeballs.
And let’s see what else we have.
Ah, looks like you have a beard now.
- Okay.
- Do that bird thing again.
- Sure.
(bird chirping)
- Okay.
- Okay, that’s enough.
That’ll be all.
Thanks, Kendall.
- Bye!