7 pieces of advice for a successful career (and life) from Jack Ma


I think when I’m only when I’m a 40 years old I start to know exactly what I want to do and never think in my life that I would be business people and I never thought I would be a teacher so I become a teacher I never thought about it I’ve become an entrepreneur I’ve never thought about it and all of the other that but I want to be a policeman rejected I want to be all the even want to be a waiter in a KFC were rejected.

But most of the dreams you may think about it but does not work on Daang tried to beat the best be the first be the first to change be the first to check the challenge be the first one to overcome the difficulties because the best person there’s only one Olympic champion I don’t think I’m lucky enough to be bad but I can always try the new things and don’t give I believe it because you you are so unique everybody’s unique be yourself is always the key this world today is a full of challenges and opportunities 2,000 years ago full of challenges and opportunities and I’m sure 2,000 years later full of challenges and opportunities.

There is always it’s depends on how you look at somebody look at this challenge as opportunity young people we say there’s no opportunity I complain a lot when I was young because I think Bill Gates took odd opportunities for the Microsoft the Steve Jobs all these guys there’s no job there’s no great big stuff left for us but I think opportunity always lies in the challenges always lies in the complaints if you can solve the challenge you have there you will be successful the big challenge you solve the big problem of the big opportunity you have.

I think life is a journey you come to this world is to enjoy the life to be happy and healthy so the day when you leave the world and say I’m happy in my life my health in this life because if you’re not healthy you will not be happy so I believe happy and healthy are the things the human being always looking for and I think next to 30 years because of the technology people the life science is gonna change a lot and people is gonna live longer but we can live longer it does not necessarily live healthier so if you’re not healthy how can you be happy if you live longer if you’re not happy while you live there.